Osum First Impression Matsuyama Ehime

When things come to write something about Matsuyama I just say it’s a city of baseball(野球) ,Hot spring (温泉)and lot of more ;last but not least wonderful weather with presence of Mount Ishizuchi. Now it’s a time to write something about Matsuyama.

© Vaidurya Pratap Sahi

Matsuyama (松山) is biggest city in Ehime Prefecture. [The famed novel Botchan by Natsume Sōseki is set in Matsuyama. As a result, there are numerous sites and locales named after the main character, including Botchan Stadium, the Botchan Ressha (an antique train that runs on the streetcar route), and Botchan dango  © Wikipedia]. Nearby cities are Imabari, iyoshi, Uwazima, Nihama and Yawatahama .

Point of Interest in Matsuyama-

1) Dogo Hot spring (道後温泉) –This is one of the oldest hot springs in japan. The pure waters of the hot springs in the area range in temperature from 107 F (42 C) to 124 F (51C), and are said to be able to heal different ailments.do not miss footbath(足湯) café in dogo area as well as clock tower. For more information please visit http://www.dogo.or.jp/.

2) Matsuyama Castel (松山城) –This castle built on the hilltop of Mt. Katsuyama now unique place in town for cherry blossom and panoramic view of whole Matsuyama city. Couple of minutes ride on a ropeway takes you up to the castle park. By walk it takes less than 25 minutes.

3) Tobe Zoo (とべ動物園) – Tobe  Zoo is  one of the best known zoo for White bear. Operatig Hours are 09:00 to 17:00.Closed on Monday, you can go there by bus Matsuyama-shi Station to Dobutsuen-mae every 15 minutes or From JR Matsuyama Station to Dobutsuen-mae every 60 minutes.

I have been working in Osaka and Tokyo but found there is something special in the city. People are friendly nature, down to earth and curious to help each other. City is not bigger as Tokyo or Osaka but the best advantage of this city that you can easily get information what events, celebration and festivals are taking place around you. If I am saying about festivals here means cosmopolitan.  People just get-together on festivals especially in universities they are having international cultural festival to show their own culture to students from different part of the globe.

It was really an elated moment for me when I got invitation from few of my friends who are researcher in Ehime University to come and enjoy Diwali(fireworks festival in India). On that day I get to know that we are having here a group named PARICHAYA (परिचय) an Introduction to India. This group celebrates Indian festival with different community from the different part of the world, as its name justify, giving introduction of Incredible Indian to rest of the world. Some time you can enjoy playing cricket with the same group. This is the way with work and enjoyment I even didn’t know that I have completed 1 year successfully in Matsuyama Ehime Japan.

Weekend is always crowded in Matsuyama especially okaido Arcade, Gintengai Arcade, 1, 2 and 3 Bancho Streets.  Sometimes there are different kinds of exhibition on weekends or dance performance by schools kids. On weekend evening you can have light beer with billiards cues in hand and slow background music. If you are interested in bowling I will suggest KISUKE bowling centre (Opposite to JR Matsuyama) is the place always crowded and lively.

Transportation within Japan –It’s not comfortable when I started to talk about transport to and from Matsuyama to other part of Japan or world. Matsuyama airport operates international flight to South Korea and China. Transport to other parts of Japan described below.


A) Bus- Overnight buses operate between Matsuyama <->Tokyo -10,000 yen

B) Train- Matsuyama <-> Okayama (Express train) -6000 yen Okayama <->Tokyo (新幹線Bullet Trains in Japan) -15000 yen

C) Air- direct flight available 25000 yen


A) Bus- Overnight and daytime buses operate between Matsuyama <->Osaka-6,000 yen

B) Ferry – Matsuyama to Osaka 7000 yen

C) Air- direct flight available

Matsuyama Internal Transportation –

Train- Flat fare 150 yen

Bus- Start fare with 150 yen

Note: Price written above is average one way price and varies time by time.

This is the Part-1 of introduction about Matsuyama Ehime Japan slowly-slowly I will add more parts and more details to enjoy Shikoku Island.

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