Glimpse of China

24 hrsTransit Visa

24 hrsTransit Visa For Indian Passport Holder

I wonder from where I have to start, So if you are traveling to India via China and layover is more than 9 Hrs whether in Shanghai or Beijing then go and get glance of city for a day.Both cities are beautiful and hard to cover in a day but off-course it’s manageable to see one or two sight scening place with charms of china.

Tiananman Square

Tiananmen Square 天安門廣場

I have a kind of experience to visit Beijing on a transit visa which I want to share with you. The first thing you need to go out is visa under transit category.When you reach china ask for visa under 24 hrs exit. They will ask you regarding your next flight ‘s boarding pass to clear that you have onward flight from china. Now board inter airport train to Terminal number 3. You can easily notice Airport express metro train station. It will cost you 25 yen to reach city. I tried two times exit visa,  First time  I went Tiananmen Square with Forbidden City and Wangfujing Street and second time I went to Temple of heaven.

Forbidden city

Forbidden city 紫禁城

To proceed for Tiananmen Square take airport express and alight on Dongzhimen Station(东直门站) which is last station of airport express. Next change train line 2 and goto Qianmen Station(前门站) . Outside station you can ask anyone (Preferably  police man ) about Tiananmen Square (天安門廣場) which is just left of exit and you have to take one subway passage to reach other side of the road . You can see many people with huge area and that is the square.You can enjoy morning’s and evening flag raising (and lowering) ceremony but please check the day schedule before hand.

After visiting Tiananmen Square you will see that you are already in  Meridian Gate (午门 ) of Forbidden city(紫禁城) buy ticket which will cost you 60 CNY (10 USD). Once you enter forbidden city you will get surprised by seeing huge space with dragon shape stairs grafted architecture and king’s palace from Ming dynasty to the end of the Qing dynasty. Prepare good shoes as walking distance is too much. You will end this tour on northern gate(Gate of Divine ->神武门 ). Now just raise your head you will see a pavilion on hill and that is the place from where you can get panoramic view of forbidden city as well as Beijing. I recommend this place as must see in your whole day schedule.

Temple of heaven

Temple of heaven 天坛公园

After relaxing some time take taxi or electric tuk-tuk for Dongsi Station at line 6 (东四站) and if you can manage its just 20-30 mins by walk. Once you are there you can see subway map and find best way to back airport.

For Temple of heaven (天坛公园) nearest station is Tiantan Dongmen Station(天坛东门站). You can see main hall called Great Hall for Sacrificial Rituals. If you are visiting in Chinese holiday season you can see people are playing different games and singing somewhere in eco hall. The place is perfect for half day trip with 2-3 main building entrance.

If you are foody you can go the place called Wangfujing street (王府井) and the nearest subway station is Wangfujing Station (王府井站). You can taste crab , scorpio , chicken sticks  and Beijing’s famous ducks. There are plenty of option for everyone.


  • If you are vegetarian please keep some handy word in Chinese to ask for your vegetarian restaurant.
  • Keep name of all attraction you want to visit in Chinese so that it is easy to ask about station as well as attraction.
  • Avoid Chinese holidays specially in October and February to  avoid the rush and high attraction entry fee.
  • Keep plenty of water with you as walking distance are lengthy always there.

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