Renew your passport from Indian Embassy Tokyo


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There are many people who ask about how to renew their passport in Indian Embassy Tokyo. Here I am explaining in a simple way. First you can send email to embassy on consular id will receive list of documents required for renewing passport.If you don’t get reply just call them. Following documents would be required when you need not add/replace any information in your new passport

– Completely filled in and signed  Application and Personal Particulars Form

– Current passport and one set copy of the passport.

– Copy of residence card both side

– Three (3) recent passport-size photographs (5cm x 5 cm or 7cm X 5cm) [Note – Embassy is extremly particular about the photograph. The photograph should be colored on a white background. Please reconfirm the details from embassy’s website]

– Request letter [optional]

In case you want to add your spouse’s name in your passport you need to provide proof of your marriage (marriage certificate issued by authorized offices), in addition to the above mentioned documents. Plus if a woman wishes to change her maiden name after marriage, she may replace her family name with her husband’s surname/family name by submitting a joint affidavit signed by both husband and wife together with their couple photograph. If any other change in name is needed then he/she need to publish an advertisement regarding the same at his/her hometown in India (in a reputed local newspaper) as well in Japan. He/She need to submit a copy of this advertisement along with aforementioned documents.

For changing address, you need Indian address proof such as  electricity, gas , water bill(latest) or any document issued  by the Indian government specifying your new address. Processing fee for renewing passport is 10700¥ and it take 4~6 weeks to receive your new passport. If you need your passport by mail, you need to pay an extra fees of 700 ¥. I have heard from few Indian citizens that they had received their passport within 2 weeks.


People who are living very far from embassy can send all document via mail services from Post office.Make sure that you send passport with secure type mail by asking attendant in  Post bank as they have this kind of service for sending secure documents and money together.

Embassy website:  Indembassy-tokyo 

Download forms link: Download  

FAQ list: Q&A

Online form: Online application

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