Vietnam Travel Visa For Indian Passport Holder In Japan

Visa Sticker

Visa Sticker

To visit Vietnam, visa is compulsory for Indian nationals living in Japan.There are several web pages of Vietnam embassy in Japan but all are not updated except Embassy home page So here I am introducing today’s topic, how to get Vietnam travel visa from Tokyo for Indian passport holder.One We did it with category ‘DL’ good for multiple entry.Getting multiple entry visa for travel purpose, you need passport with more than 6 month validity before expiry.Embassy visa application hours are Monday to Friday: 9:30 – 12:00 and 14:00–17:00. So you can choose time around evening to save your waiting time.

Embassy is in Shibuya and nearest station is Yoyogi hachiman Station in Odakyu line.Once you reach Yoyogi hachiman station, embassy is just 5-10 minutes walk but keep ready your google navigation.Submit your form with passport to application counter from where you will get token number. Next step they will announce your token number, go and pay visa fee.Visa Fee for multiple entry is 10000¥ and for single entry visa is 5000¥(Approximately). The whole process from submitting form to receive visa will take 20-30 minutes and you will get visa on same day.

Other options are available for people those can’t go personally- first is to submit Online Visa Application form and take printout. Second option is to download Visa Application PDF and fill details by hand. In both cases, we have to send filled application form with attached photo (size of photo- 3x4cm or 4x6cm either is OK), passport and processing fee (Yen 10,000/- per person!) to Vietnam embassy, Tokyo by Japan post office 郵便局 (private courier services don’t accept money and passport). In my friend case, he receive it back with approval (Visa stamp pasted in passport) in four working days and embassy sent it by Yamato courier service.Finally enjoy your first step toward your travel to Vietnam and get ready your bag-pack. Have a wonderful journey to Vietnam. Chào mừng bạn đến Việt Nam.
– While filling the form write down arrival and departure date carefully as visa is validity start  from arrival date to one month.
– Before going to embassy write down your application form and download it via Embassy official website

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