Two sides of Manila



Once you reach Manila international airport the time has come to look for taxi as there is no other mode of transport to reach city.Outside airport on the left side you can see big queue of people waiting for taxi.There is one special row if you are traveling with kids or senior citizens.We were living in Makati and to reach there you can take taxi called prepaid taxi or yellow taxi. up to Makati it will cost you around 400 Peso.After reaching city you can see two side on Manilla which I feel during our 4 days stay, the one is very pause and other is underdevelopment.The first day we have been near by #Guadalupe station.It was #Airbnb space and we were staying on 16th floor of skyline apartment, while backside of apartment was not quite matching with our front side locality.Next few days we moved to Makati business district and you can see big difference with skyscraper and many shopping mall around. Makati is a house of many good restaurant as well as popular night life.I did enjoy Manila specially Jeepney ride but for this you should have good knowledge of route around manilla.We did shopping in mall of Asia and enjoyed  great food and culture.Food was good but my recommendation go for local food restaurant outside mall areas too. In any shopping mall you can convert you dollar to local currency on exchange counter which is very convenient around city.Apart from skyscraper there are other places to visit in manila like Intramuros area where you can see many old churches and european architecture, place wasn’t that clean enough as expected but good. Overall nice experience with colorful city manila.



Special Tips: Research data related to transport if you are living in manila for couple of days.

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