Summer fun with firework around Tokyo

Summer is incomplete without beach party, drinking beer in garden and firework festival called ‘Hanabi’ in Japanese.This year I participated in three events mainly around Tokyo.

Cheris Moment

Cheris Moment

Sumidagawa fireworks festival

This was the first hanabi for us in summer. Venue was very crowded and it was not easy to find out space to see firework. We went there around 17:00 and started to walk from Asakusa station toward the river, people were hardly moving forward.If you really want to enjoy this place, go very early like 14:00 and find out space for you.View was obstructed by skyscraper and it was difficult to enjoy firework with humidity.

Edogawa fireworks festival

Best one which I recommended to all. You can go early to secure good place around 16:00 ~17:00. There is much space along river bed and you can enjoy hanabi while drinking and eating with friends. Best for this season and easy to access from Shinozaki Station.

Iidabashi fireworks festival

This was on same day as edogawa river firework took place. I think it was visible from edogawa too.Nearest station to reach there is Ukima-Funado Station.

Hachioji  fireworks festival

This was on same day of edogawa firework this year. I love this place because of quite and less crowd.It’s in Fujimori Park and nearest station is Nishi-Hachioji Station

Tamagawa fireworks festival

Looking forward to join here at the end of august and will write review soon.

Small hanabi nearby station

If you have kids, you can enjoy firework as well as drinking while enjoying near local station. Local events usually take place on weekends and always fun for kids.

Enjoy Time

Enjoy Time

Hope you will enjoy upcoming events in august


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