Philippines Tourist Visa

On request of one of my friend, here I am going to write post about visa for Philippines. In one line, you can get 14 days visa on arrival for Philippines.Below condition valid for Indian passport holder with Japanese working visa.

Boracay Beach Masti

Boracay Beach Masti

  1. Valid Japanese visa or permanent residence permit
  2. Passport valid at least six months beyond the contemplated stay in the Philippines
  3. Return or onward ticket to the next country of destination.

The 14-day visa-free entry is only applicable if you are entering the Philippines via NAIA Airport. The period of stay may be extended by immigration authorities for additional seven (7) days, maximum of twenty-one (21) days stay in the Philippines. I have been Manilla in 2016 January and found that visa process is easy going (Complete within 10 minutes) and can be complete without hustle and bustle.

Special Remark

If you are intending to stay longer in the Philippine, need to secure an appropriate entry visa from the Embassy in Roppongi. Please contact Embassy to check current visa rule for Indian Citizen as rule change time to time 🙂

Philippines Visa

Philippines Visa


Embassy Address: 〒106-8537 Tokyo, Minato 六本木5-15-5

Website: Philippine Embassy

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