Singapore Travel Visa

Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa

If you are thinking to visit Singapore for your new year holidays , then here are few tips regarding to get tourist visa. I went Singapore last year and I want to share my experiences with you regarding visa only. Google search for visa requirements was a bit difficult as compare to other countries.When you visit embassy website visa corner you can see some authorized agents who provide tourist visa for Singapore. All websites said one thing that you need Letter of Introduction(LOI) issued by a local contact in Singapore. If you have any friend  with Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Resident and at least 21 years old, he/she can act as a local contact to give you LOI. But incase you do not have any friend or contact in singapore you can write a letter to explain that why you can not submit LOI with your hotel booking and itinerary for the period you are going to stay in singapore.

Documents required to obtain Singapore Tourist Visa are shown below.

  • Application Form (Signature should be same as in passport)
  • Color photograph with white background
  • E-ticket
  • Letter of Introduction(LOI) by Singaporean friend

Here I am listing authorized agents for visa application in Japan

1- VFS Global Japan Branch
Fee: 9,750 ¥
Documents: Same as above

2- Travel Marketing & Assistance
Fee: 10,060 ¥
Documents: Same as above

Fee: 68$ around 7,000 ~ 8000¥ depends on exchange rate of the day.
Remark: Some time  IADVENTURE  ESCAPE do not process visa for few countries, so check there website before applying.
Documents:  I used  IADVENTURE for visiting singapore and they asked me to send following documents.
1- Passport photocopy front page with your name and date of birth and last page which has your current address in your home country.
2- Recent color photograph with white background

That’s all , here you don’t have take care of any kind of letter from singapore citizen , they will take care of this on your behalf. Normally you will get multiple entry visa within 3 days and they will send that to you via email. Now get ready for your trip to Singapore. Von Voyage 🙂

Tips: Immigration rules change time to time so keep eye on Singapore embassy website. You can get 5 days transit visa(Indian Passport Holder) if you are going third country via Singapore with Japanese working visa.

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