Visa For Land Of The Rising Sun

Visa Stamp

Visa Stamp

Land of rising sun is always dream destination for most of the travellers. If you are thinking to visit Japan, then here I am giving you a complete information about visa before you are check-in into gateway of Japan.Many countries have visa weaver in Japan and you can check the list of countries here visa exempt list.You require following documents before moving to embassy or to authorize travel agent.

Coming as independent (Self arranged)

1-  Copy of passport with first and last page having bio data.

2- A completely filled visa application form.

3- Covering letter which will explain your purpose to visit as well as itinerary.

4- Photograph (2×2 inch but confirm with embassy)

5- Travel booking(arranged tour if there), Hotel and air ticket with itinerary.

6- Latest income tax return or Bank statement for 6 months (original one with passbook)

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Coming through guarantor (Visiting friends or family)

Documents from applicant-

Documents from applicants are same as I have explained above. You just need to cross verify with documents checklist in embassy homepage before submitting form.

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Documents from guarantor-

1- Invitation letter original.

2- List of visa applicants.

3- Letter of guarantee if inviter is paying your expense.

4- Copy of tax return/ certificate of deposit balance/certificate of income.

5- Copy of passport first and last page.

6- Residence card stating you visa type and expiry date.

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Special Note : Japanese embassy in Delhi is no more accepting direct application, you  have to submit visa application through travel agents while Chennai , Mumbai, Bangalore and other parts of India you can submit visa application directly to consultant as earlier.

Authorize travel agent: Currently in India there are only two travel agents.

1- Cox & Kings Global Services

2- Vfs Global

Embassy  URL (India) –  Japan Embassy

Visa Fee – 440 INR charged by embassy and service charge from travel agent is 600~650 INR.

Note: All the description presented here are based on Indian passport holder who visited Japan for 3 months. Visa rule changes time to time so keep looking on above websites for update.All the documents you can download from embassy website to avoid mismatch in format.

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