Big Buddha The Altar Of Heaven Hong Kong

Big Buddha PC: Khuded Pravasi

Big Buddha PC: Khuded Pravasi

It was my graduation’s time Facebook viral big buddha photos, when I heard first time about big buddha.On that time I thought it’s in China but the thing is it’s in outer urban of Hong Kong. If you are in Hong Kong then this place deserve a must see in your itinerary for peace as well as panoramic scenery from the top. Its combination of modern sculpture art on 34 meters  high bronze statue of buddha and civil engineering.

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Hong Kong is very small country but enough attractions to visit for day trip as well as for couple of week. Big buddha is known as Tian Tan Buddha. If you are thinking to visit this place I will recommend a full day trip over there.

Transport: Big Buddha is outside of hong kong city center and your stop to reach Buddha is Ngong Ping Bus Terminus or cable car station. To reach this place first you have to come Tung Chung Station from Hong Kong city and then take either bus or cable car. More information about cable car transport fare and time table can be reached on official website Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car . If you are on tight budget and can not afford haftey price of cable car then you can use public transport, bus number is 23 from Tung Chung Town Centre with fare about 27 HKD and here is official website New Lantao Bus.

Note: My personal recommendation is that you can come by cable car while viewing beautiful scenery as its really wonderful route to see mountain as well as beaches at same time.

If you are coming by bus then you can see differences about residence structure of Hong kong city center and urban. On the way you will see many resorts and private villas while in city center there are skyscraper only, no single private houses, that might be because of expensive price or lack of land. Once you reach on top you can easily see statue. Just go ahead to see multiple small status symbolize of different Chinese dynasty sign. You can see two big gate and one monastery which is same in architect as of forbidden city in Beijing.

In middle of monastery and entrance point there is one elevated circle where people were doing prayer at particular point with facing Buddha statue. I did prayer with lineup to other fellows and click a photo in rapid fire. You can buy incense sticks if you want to pray or just for offering before entering monastery. In monastery you will see thousand Buddha engraved on wall and yes clicking photo is highly prohibited and you mind it.

Now get ready to count stairs to reach Buddha, after few minutes you are on the top and that will make you happy to see view of surroundings.In winter it’s too windy so difficult to stay long on top but autumn seems good. Outside of Buddha statue there are other small bronze status of pupil offering different things to buddha.Keep water bottle with you while you are climbing up as everything is a bit expansive on top even water.

Special Note: If you are interested to see inner structure of statue then you can buy lunch coupon before climbing the stairs, price is about 110 HKD and food is fully vegetarian.This coupon will allow you to visit basement of Buddha statue and see more information about place.

Once you are done with visiting buddha you can visit wisdom path which is a series of 38 wooden monuments containing some prayers using calligraphy. Next stop is Ngong Ping Village which is one stop solution for your food and for movie lovers there is small theater too.If you are having vegetarian companion like me there are two option one is subway veggie roll and another is Indian restaurant. You can also purchase some small souvenir items to create memory.

If your day still allowed you to have plenty of time you can try to visit Tai O Fishing Village and I am going to write post on that next week. So keep  visiting blog for new entries about all articles about my travel to Hong Kong. Upto that time enjoy my old posts.

Offering PC: Khuded Pravasi

Offering PC: Khuded Pravasi

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