Venice Of Hong Kong Tai O Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Fishing Village

In my last post Big Buddha The Altar Of Heaven I explained you how to visit the place from city center now this time I will tell you how to visit fishing village from big buddha. From big buddha, you can take bus number 21 to reach the fishing village.If you are coming directly from Tung Chung station then you can take bus number 11 directly heading toward Tai O bus terminus.From bus stand fishing village is just couple of steps away.On your first step out of the bus will give you a feeling of fish smell and you can see closely the life of fisherman.You will also get to know what they do in their routine life and what are their food and culture.

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This village is a home of tanka tribe who made their houses on stilts to make them socially connected to live their lives above water.At the entrance of fishing village you will find many people asking you for pink dolphin sightseeing but better to compare each company price and service standard before boarding any boat in hurry. There are 2 to 3 tour company which provide dolphin tour.If you are hungry you can go and visit street food which I love most of the time of my walk. There are small restaurants as well as some beautiful cafes.

There are two trails for entering the village, parallel to the both side of logged water area.First trail goes along the mountain with some steep hiking, but you will enjoy the view of sea shore. Second trail goes toward multiple temples in the village where you can see small concrete houses on the way and Chinese temple art as well as resting viewpoints to enjoy calm sea waves.This place is always awesome for photo shooters who want to capture fisherman lives on stilt houses and manually operated rope drawn ferry bridge which operated for over 80+ years.

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Vagabond Walk

Vagabond Walk

While coming back to city center do not forget to buy dry seafood from the market.The place is a charm for your eyes but might not good for your nose if you feel strong fishing smell.This village is a combination of human art and natural surrounding. If you are visiting hong kong you can see this place have completely different lifestyle from hustle and bustle from city center.I recommend this place for half day sightseeing with enjoying some walking trails as well as tasting seafood in street.Hope you enjoy this place let me know if you require any help or information about the place.

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