Bird eye view of Hong Kong

Today’s post is completely dedicated to central Hong Kong.You need at least a full day to visit central hong kong with plenty of choices around walking distance. Central Hong Kong is business hub for many multinational companies and banks, so as expected many skyscrapers and less space for park and etc. Here I am listing few of attraction which we visited recently.



How to go: If you are coming from Tsim Sha Tsui  area then the nearest station to reach the below attraction is Central Station (MTR), station is  big so just find out J2 exit. Train fare in Hong Kong are around 15~30$ per visit so keep charging your octopus card.

Note: For all kind of transportation in Hong Kong they accept octopus card which you can use on entry and exit points to deduct fare. The starting price to use card is 150$. You can return your card when you are leaving Hong Kong and can get refund amount which is equal to total amount on the card – 9$ .

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What to see: We visited first time to Hong Kong so the place which we are going to explain below is good for first times but might not bad for second timers too. The busiest district have many things to offer from shopping to food. Most of the places are with free entrance fee apart from Victoria peak. So enjoy the view of nature, street food, window shopping and be a part of history.

Hong Kong Zoological And Botanical Gardens: This place is just 200 meters away from the station. The best thing of this place is peace and see variety of orchids as well as birds. We were impressed by seeing omnivorous plant like “Venus Trap”, “Pitcher Plants” and “Flypaper”.We have seen this type of plant first time. Park entrance is free and area is small and can be covered in 1 hr slow walking to see each place.

Man Mo Temple: This temple is famous in the area and dedicated to god of literature It is a beautiful place for worship and to feel the positive aura of the place. As this place is on list of many people you can see shutter click here and there, but be aware if you are going only for clicking pics then avoid some special Chinese holiday as place become smoky and crowded easily.

Lan Kwai Fong: Night is always young in pub street Lan Kwai Fong. It is always a fun with a shot of tequila.If you are tired of eating dumplings all the time then this street can help you. There are many bars and western food courts which serve delicious food with some luxury.You can try to have beer in standing bar. There is one saying about the street  that most of business talk happen on Lan Kwai Fong beer bar counter. Our recommendation for this place to visit between 18:30 ~ 10:00.

flying vagabond

flying vagabond

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Stanley and Wellington street: These two street are just parallel to Lan Kwai Fong. From all the places we visited  in the island we found Stanley street market is good for price as well as quality.If you are thinking to go here be ready to use some tricks for bargaining. Market has everything for everyone just starting with 10$ onwards. Perfect place for strolling and buying some small souvenirs. Wellington street is just in the bottom of Victoria peak and famous for many office buildings, restaurants and tea houses. Tea houses are very popular among people in Hong Kong, so go there and enjoy dim-sum with tea.

Junkyard house: If you have time and you want to enjoy lunch at floating restaurant then this is the place for you, to enjoy food. Experience a contrast between modernity and traditional values. Place is a bit out of central district but you can take bus number 70 at  Exchange Square Bus Terminal outside “D“ exit of Hong Kong MRT station.

Victoria Peak With Peak Tram: Hong Kong visit is not completed until you have not visited Victoria peak to see bird eye view of the city. Place is amazing and you can see harbor to repulse bay in one panoramic shot. You can either take peak tram or bus to reach Victoria peak but we suggest to take tram. Tram is an adventure itself, because elevation is very high, even you can see building parallel to tram line seems like slanting, yet it’s straight.

Note: Queue for tram line is always crowded, so better to keep some buffer time 1~2 hour waiting for train. You can buy set ticket 80$ per person (tram + sky-deck pack) which is highly recommended. Peak is a bit colder than city, so take care about warm cloths if you are visiting in winter.

Golden Bauhinia Square:  If you do not know until now then let me tell you Bauhinia orchid tree is emblem of Hong Kong which you can see at this place as well as on Hong Kong national flag. Square has high value in history of Hong Kong. So Golden Bauhinia is symbol of Hong Kong’s return to China from British rule. Highly recommended to see Symphony of lights performance, flag ceremony and walking trail along waterfront promenade while enjoying the view of Victoria Harbour.

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