Macau Travel Visa



It was the new year eve of 2016, we visited Macau, the city of casino and many more. For almost every country, Macau allows visa on arrival.It is bit easier here than entering in Hong Kong as I think Indian passport is respected here.You can enter Macau via sea (Ferry to and from Hong-Kong), air and road(China border).The city is very small and it’s easy to roam here and there, you can enjoy 2-3 days recommended stays here.

Here are the major Checklist for visa.
1- Hotel and rough itinerary of your stay.
2- Return ticket to and from some other country or your transit details.
3- Passport valid for 6 months with 2 blank pages.
4- Enough amount to stay here in Macau(just in case of enquiry) or international credit card.

Notes: Vagabond is writing this post based on Indian nationality and there is no visa fee charged to enter in Macau.You will receive one receipt with written date of landing and validity period of your stay(30 Days), just keep the receipt with you as shown below in the picture.



With Macau visa you can enter in Macau as many times with the validity period of 30 days.If  you are thinking to visit Macau do not think about visa just think about your stay and book in advance because accommodation is a bit high in Macau.Vagabond is going to write more information about ferry from Macau to Hong Kong vice versa in our coming post to journey between Hong Kong and Macau.For more information about domestic transport in the country you can visit our last post  Stroll along the street of Macau

Bon voyage have a nice stay in Macau 🙂

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