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Cookie Vagabond Cherry Blossom Tokyo
Cookie Vagabond Cherry Blossom Tokyo

nomadic soul exploring the globe with my dream of letting my foot mark on every place on earth. By profession, I am a software engineer working with cutting-edge technology(lucky enough to have so many good challenges in my professional career)…. Ya-Ya, I know you all will say a software Engineer, does he really have time to travel? That’s why I want to share my experiences with you all, that how to manage travelling while working as a full-time programmer and skipping that monotonous life once a while. I am one of those kinds of species who love to work as a programmer in office premise while outside office a full-time traveller even I don’t mind to say working nomad.

Here, I introduce my travel partner @travellinghoast (Her Instagram name 😛 Ahhh weirdo as they say researcher are little mad “pun intended”). She is a Doctoral student going to finish her degree soon(Nowadays a total crazy person while working on paper publications and thesis). But she is always there to explore the globe with me also a vegetarian (and yes it is difficult for me to find veggie food for her but I keep this secret from her ) so every now and then you can also find few posts related to veggie restaurants guide in each city where we travelled.

Name of this blog originated from two words nomadic + yatri. First word nomadic is an English word and everybody know the meaning(Person roaming around the word without a fixed plan). Second-word yatri came from Hindi language, meaning a traveller. We are wanderlust nomadic travellers, who are finding their limits around the globe.

We have changed our blog name from “Nomadic Yatri ” to “Cookie Vagabond”. You must be thinking why suddenly this change so the reason is the new name “Cookie” resemble the name of my travel crime partner as her nickname is Kuki” and  “Vagabond” is like “James Bond” and I like both of them. So I thought of introducing “Cookie Vagabond”. Now you can proudly say I am the follower of Vagabond “Cookie Vagabond”.

This blog is about my experiences of cultures around the globe. The highlight in this blog will be motivating other people who are working as hard they can for saving for tomorrow. And as they say, tomorrow never comes. So plan today and even better NO PLANNING !!! and get started on your life-changing experiences. My blog will help you travel by investing less and gaining more. The experiences what I get after travelling makes me more open-minded, more acceptable and more welcoming to all situations inside work as well as outside work. So you will definitely enjoy my travel stories, and I hope my mistakes and knowledge will make your path smoother. To my all readers, my sincere thanks for stopping by.

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I am planning to publish one post in a month, so keep an eye on last Tuesday ✍

सैर कर दुनिया की गाफिल जिन्दगानी फिर कहां ,
जिन्दगानी गर रही तो नौजवानी फिर कहां। -ख़्वाजा मीर दर्द

Love these lines taken from Rahul Sankrityayan autobiography(Written by Kwaaja Meer Dard), which roughly means in English***

Oh you ignorant and idle go and travel all over the wide world,
O oblivious one! You will not get this life again.
If ever life remains, You will never be young again.


  1. ghummakaaad Reply

    Shayari is written by ख़्वाजा मीर दर्द …..

    • Vagabond Reply

      Thanks for updating me. I have updated in page too 🙂

    • Kuki Reply

      You can either subscribe through email or you can just follow me via wordpress.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog post on Yellowstone. And congratulations on your baby. When he/she is old enough plan a trip of your own to Yellowstone. You will all be fascinated.

    • Kuki Reply

      Hey Paulie, thank you for your best wishes 🙂 We are waiting for Kiara (Our baby girl) and definitely, she will plan a trip of her own to Yellowstone 🙂

    • Kuki Reply

      Selina Stambi thank you for your best wishes 🙂 We are waiting for Kiara (Our baby girl) and will soon write new post for her welcome 🙂

  3. Mike Ballard Reply

    Thanks for the like, guys! We have both been to Thailand in the past, but our future trips to southeast Asia will be new to us. Your blog looks like an excellent resource! Mike and Angela at https://wemarriedadventure.com/.

    • Kuki Reply

      Thanks for following out blog , please let us know if you are thinking about South Asia as we are based Japan now and been most of south east Asia. It will be pleasure if we can help you.

  4. Thanks for following my blog
    I look forward to reading more from your posts! 🙂

    • Nice to meet you too, by the way I am fan of your writing and trying to learn some good writing skills as I am immature writer 🙂

  5. Stuart(Uganda, East Africa) Reply

    Mr Rajesh,
    Long time.Your are really becoming bigger by the day.Am also grounded in Microsoft development environment but also wish to move on to new platforms.As my mentor you continuously inspire me and I believe I can also make it.

    How I wish you are still my boss.Keep up Raj


    • Dear Stuart,
      I am sure you are doing good and enjoying the life in Uganda specially in Makerere .You are a good programmer as i told you first day when we talk about weighbridge software.As i used to say the world is a globe and you never know when i will spin to your direction and get chance to work together may be Africa or any part of the world.

  6. hi raj long time how are you i am requesting for some codes in c# mainly the long in code i have the DB with the table that capture the passwords and username but how to make that code to retrieve the password and username the i entered in my DB work

  7. Mugaya Arhtur Charles Reply

    It is still a dream to me Prince. I liked and admired you since I came to know you.
    You are rely great. You inspire me.

    • Weebale Ssebo for such wording.I spend my best time in Uganda with all of you.
      It was really fun within the work and outside the work.

    • Thanks Ajay.Right now up-to December there is plan to go home,but so sure whenever i will be there will come to meet you.

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