It has been long 6-month break of writing any post entry in the blog. There were many things, we needed to finish in the last half of 2018. We are happy to welcome Kiara and see her growing from a small infant to a chattering baby(although she is not chattering but not less than). Here, we want to ensure our subscribers that pre and post pregnancy break is over now. We are fully back to the blog writing and video making. Thanks for your support and patience during this period. There were lots of things going on which kept us busy to pen down anything. Yes, and the headline is we moved from Japan to Germany. So welcome in Deutschland as we are around European destinations. When we started to plan to move It was the beginning of 2018 when we decided to shift. We successfully completed it with the…

In our last post, we discussed How to register the baby birth in Tokyo Japan Once you are done with register baby birth in city office the next step is to make your child stay legal in Japan with applying for a newborn baby visa in Tachikawa immigration Tokyo. You can download the application form in Immigration Bureau of Japan website to fill it before visiting immigration office – Application for Permission to Acquire Status of Residence for the newborn child

Do you remember May 08, 2018, yes it’s birth date of our daughter “Kiara”. This post is about how to register baby birth in Tokyo Japan. Once you are discharged from the hospital the first thing you need to do is “Register baby birth” In city office (Your residing city). It is very similar to register yourself, once you move to the new city or you just landed in Japan. City office is the place to make your baby birth stay legal in Japan.

It has been a long period of around 6 months of 2018 where, if I can say we did not write any new post. It was the preparation and personal time, we created for welcoming our first Baby birth in Tokyo Japan to join our travel world. We were searching name for her. We were preparing necessary documents for her. We were even doing our own research on ultrasound video clips of her.

Did you receive postcard for renewing Japanese drivers license?

Recently I had the opportunity for renewing Japanese drivers license (DL) in Fuchu, Tokyo. This full post will cover all about where to go for Renewing Japanese drivers license and how to do it with when should you go. The first step toward renewal is that you will receive the postcard as a notice in your  DL address. Postcard reached to your letterbox just before 1 month of your birthday. Once you received postcard just remember your license renewal date will expire just after one month of your birthdate.

If you are planning to visit Taiwan, you need Taiwan tourist visa. Yes If you are Indian passport holder and living in Japan you need the visa and can get it done online. You can apply for ROC  to receive Travel Authorization Certificate before landing at Taiwan airport. After receiving a certificate do not forget to take its printout.

Document requirements for Travel Authorization Certificate
  • Applicants living in Japan with valid residence status. You are also eligible if you are holding entry visa sticker for Japan in your passport. The filling application requires entry visa number.
Why Sun moon lake (SML)

Sun Moon Lake is must visit place in Taichung. Why Taichung? This might be the question many people ask when they travel to south-east Asia. where there are many countries with the rich culture like Japan, endangered pandas in China and sea paradise Thailand, and here is my one and only answer that, from the past few years I realized, I am the big fan of nature travel while taking rest from hustle and bustle from the city life. Taiwan has two nature reserve places one is Taroko National Park and other is Sun moon lake. We didn’t have time to visit both as both are in opposite direction and needed at least 1-week itinerary to visit each. We embarked SML from Tokyo.

Nirvana yoga Rishikesh considers, yoga stay is not a business but networking with those who want to feel the Indian hospitality in a homely manner. Today Life really demands an escape from the routine work. The better way is to spend a couple of days at a destination, that will allow you to leave your hustle bustle life behind and be with nature and meditation give you ekaant. A brief get-away prepares you to be back to your city life with renewed vigour. Irrespective of whether you are a corporate head honcho, businessman, painter or a writer. Nirvana Yoga is a private and exclusive Yoga Center cum Stay next to Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh Uttarakhand India, Yogi Vyas is the host and instructor. Yogi is a highly qualified Yoga instructor. After a period of rigorous training at the Kaivalya Dham Pune, India where yoga tradition and science meet.Yogi launched his career in…

It was the new year eve of 2016, we visited Macau, the city of the casino and many more. For almost every country, get Macau tourist visa on arrival. It is the bit easier here than entering in Hong Kong as I think Indian passport is respected here.You can enter Macau via sea (Ferry to and from Hong-Kong), air and road(China border).The city is very small and it’s easy to roam here and there, you can enjoy 2-3 days recommended stays here. Major Checklist for Macau tourist visa 1- Hotel and rough itinerary of your stay. 2- Return ticket to and from some other country or your transit details. 3- Passport valid for 6 months with 2 blank pages. 4- Enough amount to stay here in Macau(just in case of enquiry) or international credit card. Also read:  Hong Kong tourist visa Specific notes Vagabond is writing this post based on Indian…

Macau casino world, whenever we take the name Macau the picture which comes in front of our eyes is Casinos, shopping centre, big buildings, lavish lifestyle and for sure that’s true.Today I am going to share my experiences in Macau.See the world of Macau from my eyes.Here you go 🙂 Transport  Each casino is accessible by limousine bus, which is free from the major public centre like the airport, border gate and ferry terminal. All big casinos buses have good frequencies 2~3 buses / 30 minutes. Points to remember  Minimum age to enter in casino area is 18, so if your appearance does not looks like an adult then better to keep passport with you all time to prove your age to security guard around the entrance of casino area. What to expect  Like other casinos in the world, Macao also has all kind of games including private bidding space…

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