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It has been a long period of around 6 months of 2018 where, if I can say we did not write any new post. It was the preparation and personal time, we created for welcoming our first Baby birth in Tokyo Japan to join our travel world. We were searching name for her. We were preparing necessary documents for her. We were even doing our own research on ultrasound video clips of her.

Beer and Baby

First day of the Baby birth in Tokyo Japan

On “the day” I was in between official meeting before leaving for the day. I just got a call from home that we need to go the hospital. It was May 08, 2018 when she said hello to the world. I remember when she was in the womb, I used to call her “Nauni” (A Garhwali language word, meaning girl). On the day, when she was coming out of labour room in doctor’s hand, I called her “Hey Nauni” and she turned her eyes 90 degrees to me and just said hey, I know you. Black long hairs, fully opened big eyes and a hand in mouth, that was the first impression, I received from my daughter.

Naming confusion after Baby birth in Tokyo Japan

Baby birth in Tokyo [Kiara]
Baby birth in Tokyo
Kuki (her mom) gave her the name called “KIARA”, meaning “Precious gift of God” originated from Irish and Italian. We had many names in mind, which were quite good in “Hindi” but difficult to pronounce for foreigners like the name “Shreyasi” meaning praiseworthy. Kiara will accompany us on almost all trips onward, so we considered keeping the name easy to pronounce for others and with the great meaning.

Kiara’s first trip

In India when we do anything new, we always visit the temple and get blessings for a new life. It happened exactly with Kiara too, she took her first trip to ISKCON Temple Funabori Tokyo. She is brave enough not to scare from the sound of “Pooja’s Ghanti” and “Shank” (Indian worship bells and conch shell). She was sleeping all the time and woke up once we were back home. Meanwhile, the temple is the good place to meet Indian people,  if you are new to Tokyo.

Kiara’s second trip

We are planning to visit nearby Kichijoji park.

Parenting challenges

The main challenges for us are to teach multiple languages to “Kiara”. She might speak Hindi, English, Garhwali, Japanese and many more. Till now she is healthy enough and entertaining us on every single day. For me, sometimes it’s tough to leave for office as she is sleeping almost every time during my leaving and arriving time. There are a few things you need to make your newborn residence legal in Japan. I will cover all formality in my upcoming 3-4 detailed post. Mentioned below are the formalities which start just after discharge from hospital and can be performed by either father or mother.

  • How to notify city office on pregnancy in Japan?
  • How to register the newborn baby to the city office in Japan?
  • How to get the visa for a newborn baby in Japan?
  • How to get the passport for the newborn child from Indian embassy Tokyo?
  • How Japanese hospital treat you pre and post childbirth in Tokyo Japan.
  • What are the expenses pre and post childbirth in Tokyo Japan?

Newborn child Tokyo [Kiara and Papa]Pregnancy notes

It’s difficult to give a birth to a child, women face many difficulties physically as well as emotionally. This is the time, I make sure to support Kuki more and more in each and every way. I request people, to take care of their beloved during and after pregnancy as what they feel, you can not feel. Baby makes difference in your routine life, you will be always thinking about making your baby’s life as comfy as possible and it will always keep you engaged. You may have some sleepless nights, some irritation but keep patience and carry on the enjoyment of being parents.

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Bulletin board  for Baby birth in Tokyo Japan

We are going to release small videos on our youtube channel  named “Hindi Passports” in every 10 days to teach our mother tongue Hindi to Kiara, soon after will do together some English video in channel “Cookie Vagabond

So “KIARA”, once again welcome to the vagabond world, enjoy people and enjoy the time of togetherness.

Mom & Dad


    • Kuki Reply

      @Nasukoさんありがとうございました :pray:

  1. Awww congratulations <3 Kiara is such a wonderful name and she looks so beautiful! May she feel your days with love, laughter and positivity! Greetings from Scotland.

    • Kuki Reply

      Thanku @kristinazilieva , we are hoping to come scotland for coming spring ☺Kiara will see u there for soon ☺

    • Kuki Reply

      Thanku @Stuart 🎊 say hi from our side to UGANDA Jebale saibo 🌍

  2. Bharat Singh Reply

    Heartiest Congratulations Chachaji !! Kiara is so cute ….May God bless you all !

  3. Congratulations. This is a most precious gift and the most important job anyone can take on. Our two boys are now fully grown, married and self sufficient. I guess that is like getting a very good job review from your boss. You will have lots of joy in your home and plenty to do.

    • Kuki Reply

      @kagould17 Yes most important and I am loving it. It’s the new chapter in our lives and we really need to learn how to be efficient in Job + blogging + take care of Kiara. We are having each new degree of joy everyday 🙂

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