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White Beach Boracay Station 1
White Beach Boracay Station 1

White beach Boracay is really a bachelor paradise just party and party. We were there for 2 – 3 days but it feels like we want more.Beach is divided into three stations and each station has its own speciality regarding stay and activities.

White beach Boracay Station 1

is good for people who want to relax. This station has many resorts and nice restaurants too having the nice view from dawn to dusk. Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and suncream lotion as the place heat up in the afternoon.

White beach Boracay Station 2

is the most happening station in the whole beach area where all parties and music go on up to morning. Some people call it as D’Mall area but I have seen there are many D’Mall over there so it’s a bit confusing, so its better to remember it by the name station 2.You can have good dining option around and same time enjoy fire dance in the evening.Overall this great happening stations for bachelors.

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White beach Boracay Station 3

is again peaceful area and there are few bars and restaurants over there. If you are sport’s lover then you have plenty options around here like scuba diving, helmet diving, parasailing, kayaking and fly fish etc.Normally price for each attraction fall under i300 Peso to 1000 Peso depends on the activity you choose as well as your bargaining skills. You can go for island hopping which seems perfect day plan to go outside and enjoy.

You can read more information about Boracay in website link.

I love boracay
I love Boracay

Overall we enjoyed our stay in Boracay and would like to go back again if time permit us as the list so long and time is going on.My personal recommendation is Station 1 for staying. You can switch among stations within 2-3 days to choose different locations and different resorts. The distance among stations are not so long, you can easily go walk and enjoy.

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