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It was the new year eve of 2016, we visited Macau, the city of casino and many more. For almost every country, Macau allows visa on arrival.It is bit easier here than entering in Hong Kong as I think Indian passport is respected here.You can enter Macau via sea (Ferry to and from Hong-Kong), air and road(China border).The city is very small and it’s easy to roam here and there, you can enjoy 2-3 days recommended stays here.

Here are the major Checklist for visa.
1- Hotel and rough itinerary of your stay.
2- Return ticket to and from some other country or your transit details.
3- Passport valid for 6 months with 2 blank pages.
4- Enough amount to stay here in Macau(just in case of enquiry) or international credit card.

Notes: Vagabond is writing this post based on Indian nationality and there is no visa fee charged to enter in Macau.You will receive one receipt with written date of landing and validity period of your stay(30 Days), just keep the receipt with you as shown below in the picture.



With Macau visa you can enter in Macau as many times with the validity period of 30 days.If  you are thinking to visit Macau do not think about visa just think about your stay and book in advance because accommodation is a bit high in Macau.Vagabond is going to write more information about ferry from Macau to Hong Kong vice versa in our coming post to journey between Hong Kong and Macau.For more information about domestic transport in the country you can visit our last post  Stroll along the street of Macau

Bon voyage have a nice stay in Macau 🙂

Welcome to the Vegas of Asia the Macau Casino World

The Venetian Macao

Macau, when we take the name Macau the picture which comes in front of our eyes is Casinos, shopping center, big buildings, lavish lifestyle and for sure that’s true.Today I am going to share my experiences in Macau.See the world of Macau from my eyes.Here you go 🙂

Transport- Each casino is accessible by limousine bus, which is free from major public center like airport , border gate and ferry terminal. All big casinos buses have good frequencies 2~3 buses / 30 minutes.

Points to remember- Minimum age to enter in casino area is 18, so if your appearance does not looks like an adult then better to keep passport with you all time to prove your age to security guard around entrance of casino area.

What to expect- Like other casinos in the world, Macao also have all kind of games including private bidding space too. Minimum bit is decided on each table. If you are afraid of gambling, then go inside the casino area stroll with multiple tables and just see the people or play safe with a roulette.

Facilities- You can have limousine bus from casino to almost any part of Macao.If you are coming for a day trip and you are loaded with bags then you can keep your bags in luggage center with small amount money for a day or hours.

Nearby attraction- You can visit Taipa village, Rua Do Kunha cookie street if you are in Taipa part. If you are in Macao center then Stroll along the street of Portuguese architecture Macao can be a good choice.

Vagabond recommendation- If you do not have enough time then you can choose particular number casinos to explore for a day.We personally feel all casinos are almost same without any big difference. We visited Galaxy Macau, The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao.

Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau-  Biggest casino in the Taipa area, you will find golden color buses of this casino. Galaxy Macau provide exotic holiday experience with some cultural night.Entrance of this casino is always based on festival season, If you love private casino this is the place for you.

The Venetian Macao- People who are fan of Venice then this is the place of you, as the name suggests its Venice of Macau. You can experience small Venice inside the mall. There is a canal inside the mall where you can take gondola drive for couple of minutes with some packages like singing dining etc on gondola.For vegetarian people like cookie, you have many choices around food court. Best thing you may like in this casino is interior architecture and ambience, roof above gondola drive place is sky type wallpaper which is hard to check whether original or just wallpaper with balance light. Its the shoppers paradise.

The Parisian Macao- The Parisian Macao recreates the magic of Paris in Macau. Easy to mark this casino as it’s having Eiffel tower outside the building. For the people who love french cuisine, they might like this place.Our recommendation is BRASSERIE with great atmosphere, where you can enjoy, classically French meal.

All the casinos can be covered within a day with shopping, dining and gambling experience.If you have more time then you can visit local Taipa village which I am going to post on my next article.For people visiting Macau more than 2-3 days they can divide itinerary based on heritage tour ( Churches and Portuguese architecture), casino tour and adventure tour(Bungee & Horse riding).

The Venetian Macao

The Venetian Macao

Stroll along the street of Portuguese architecture Macau

Ruins of St. Paul's Macau

Ruins of St. Paul’s Macau

Are you planning to visit macau for 2~3 days? Are you interested to know some transport hacks around macau?If all answers are yes then you are on right place. The first thing as like other countries you need a travel visa for macau do not think macau is in china having chinese rules, it’s part of mainland china but having own rules and regulations.You can get on arrival visa for 15 days at airport of ferry terminal.

My To Do List Coming Post: How to decide ferry company from Macau to Hong Kong vice versa.

Once, you leave airport you will see all big buildings all like big palace one may easily thinks these are shopping malls but how it is possible to have numerous malls at one place with this much huge area? Now you know this is casino city.Macau is well known as Vegas of Asia and yes it means a lot for gamblers.


Once you are passing through casino area, please mind that you should have some id proof for age. People with 18 years old as a visitor and 21 years as a local can enter in the casino area while you are free to roam around the hotel.

Reference Post: Welcome to the Vegas of Asia the Macau casino world

Most of the people think  Macau is all about casinos but that’s not true at all there is more than that. Vagabond is recommending you few place where you can visit in a day with slow pace. Make sure to learn one thing specially eat street cookies, jerry and ginger candy while walking and following the crowd to reach all famous travel points.


Keep macau city map, which you can get from airport, ferry port or at reception desk of your hotel. This map will help you to find nearest casino’s free shuttle to reach you destination.

Appreciate the architecture of Kun Lam Statue:

You can start your day with Kun Lam statue which is a 32 meter tall bronze statue in the name of goddess of mercy. The place is completely free of cost to move around but if you want to see history of the place it has small museum in the basement which has some minimal entrance fee.Museum will tell you more about goddess of mercy in chinese buddhism and how they build this statue. We came here with limousine bus run by Wynn macau casino and from alight point statue is just couple of minute walking distance.

See 3D Show in Macau Science Center:

Science center is visible from Kun Lam statue and you can take 5 minutes walk to reach there.Museum glass building is classy piece with conical shape. You need to pay some fee to visit different parts of museum and if you want to see planetarium or 3D show then pay extra around 35 ~ 40 MOP.


MOP is a currency in Macau which can be used for shopping having a bit lower value than Hong Kong dollar(HKD). There are many tourists who come for a day trip from Hong kong so it’s usual to buy everything in HKD where they consider 1HKD=1MOP, but you can not use MOP in Hong Kong.

Passthrough the history of Fisherman’s Wharf:

Macau has replica of many word heritages and this is the place where you will find the replica of Colosseum in Rome. This place is located in city center and is the home of theme park, shopping centers and dining. Admission is completely free but in some attractions you need to pay a small fee.This place is just 3~6 minutes walking distance from Macau Hong Kong ferry terminal so you can take bus from ferry terminal to any place.


Macau ferry terminal, Taipa ferry terminal and airport is a famous place to catch limousine for reaching any part of Macau. You can always get shuttle bus of any casino which is free of cost which drop you near by your visiting attraction.

Check the burned pillar in Ruins of St Paul church:

This is most famous tourist spot in Macau, no body leaves Macau without visiting to this church.This church caught fire several times in history and currently only front face is remaining to exhibit the history from the past.I recommend this place to visit during sunset time as it looks stunning with lights and blue sky in evening time. It’s UNESCO world heritage site.It has small museum too, regarding to history and it’s free.

All the places especially churches and paths are highly influenced by Portuguese architecture. Whole  architecture and language is still preserved by Macau people , which is really good. You can see text written on currency, menu and other stuff in Portuguese. Chinese, English and Portuguese is the language highly spoken in the region.

Historical walk around Senado Square and Domingo’s Church:

Start walk from St. Paul church to Domingo’s church with following sign boards, it might be around 3~5 minutes walking distance.You will pass through many authentic Chinese and European restaurants which may tickle your taste buds.Enjoy cookies on the way and buy some souvenir for beloved ones. Square is actually famous for gathering and celebration during X-mas, new year countdown and easter. There are many photogenic places where you can capture photo for your instagram account just check it out loyal senate building(Leal Senado) second floor.

One of the city’s most important religious sites A-Ma Temple:

This place is preserved as religious site for Buddhism.One of the UNESCO heritage site and worth to visit recommended by cookie vagabond.History documents and wiki reveal that the name of Macau is based on this temple.Temple has Chinese calligraphy text with scenic photo wall.

This is a complete one day trip as all attractions are nearby.It is highly recommend to all to keep Macau city map to locate near by bus stop for free and paid bus. For us it was hustle and bustle but if you have enough time you can remove A-Ma temple  from your itinerary and visit others.

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Casino Venetian Macau

Casino Venetian Macau