Macau Travel Visa



It was the new year eve of 2016, we visited Macau, the city of casino and many more. For almost every country, Macau allows visa on arrival.It is bit easier here than entering in Hong Kong as I think Indian passport is respected here.You can enter Macau via sea (Ferry to and from Hong-Kong), air and road(China border).The city is very small and it’s easy to roam here and there, you can enjoy 2-3 days recommended stays here.

Here are the major Checklist for visa.
1- Hotel and rough itinerary of your stay.
2- Return ticket to and from some other country or your transit details.
3- Passport valid for 6 months with 2 blank pages.
4- Enough amount to stay here in Macau(just in case of enquiry) or international credit card.

Notes: Vagabond is writing this post based on Indian nationality and there is no visa fee charged to enter in Macau.You will receive one receipt with written date of landing and validity period of your stay(30 Days), just keep the receipt with you as shown below in the picture.



With Macau visa you can enter in Macau as many times with the validity period of 30 days.If  you are thinking to visit Macau do not think about visa just think about your stay and book in advance because accommodation is a bit high in Macau.Vagabond is going to write more information about ferry from Macau to Hong Kong vice versa in our coming post to journey between Hong Kong and Macau.For more information about domestic transport in the country you can visit our last post  Stroll along the street of Macau

Bon voyage have a nice stay in Macau 🙂

Hong Kong Travel Visa




It took me long time to write my post after new year holiday, but from now I will keep continue writing weekly post. Today, I will give you update about Hong Kong visa rules and regulations.Hong Kong is always dream destination for all those people who love shopping and try to avoid language barrier that exists in south asian countries.We have been there few months back and feel its worth to visit Hong Kong for a week to enjoy sightseeing as well as shopping.If you are visiting Hong Kong before 23rd January 2017 then you need only Japan Residence Card  and a valid round trip ticket. Documents required to obtain Hong Kong Tourist Visa are shown below (Below requirements are based on Indian passport holder working in Japan).

1- Valid Japanese working visa or permanent residence permit.
2- Passport valid for at least six months before the date of arrival in Hong Kong.
3- Round trip ticket to Japan or the next country of destination (Print out or online copy).
4- Confirm hotel booking (Print out or online copy)
5- Tentative itinerary (Print out or online copy)

Note: If immigration will find your landing suspicious then THEY can call you for personal interview IN separate cabin in airport or ferry terminal, above documents will help you to answer clearly about your motive in Hong Kong.

Now you might be thinking why I have specified the date 23 January 2017 ?? New immigration rules are going to implement onward this date. As per immigration department, number of illegal immigrants are increasing day by day in Hong Kong, so they want to check all kind of documents before someone lands to shopping paradise Hong Kong. You can check your visa requirement for Hong Kong via clicking on Immigration department website. If you want to fill Pre-arrival Registration  form then visit application form link.

Special Note: The Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals will be implemented on 23 January 2017.  The online service for “Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals” is now opened. You can just fill the  form on above link before landing to Hong Kong

Enjoy the country, Enjoy the dim-sum, enjoy the relaxing time and Best of all it’s in Hong Kong 🙂

hong kong visa notice

hong kong visa notice

Visa For Land Of The Rising Sun

Visa Stamp

Visa Stamp

Land of rising sun is always dream destination for most of the travellers. If you are thinking to visit Japan, then here I am giving you a complete information about visa before you are check-in into gateway of Japan.Many countries have visa weaver in Japan and you can check the list of countries here visa exempt list.You require following documents before moving to embassy or to authorize travel agent.

Coming as independent (Self arranged)

1-  Copy of passport with first and last page having bio data.

2- A completely filled visa application form.

3- Covering letter which will explain your purpose to visit as well as itinerary.

4- Photograph (2×2 inch but confirm with embassy)

5- Travel booking(arranged tour if there), Hotel and air ticket with itinerary.

6- Latest income tax return or Bank statement for 6 months (original one with passbook)

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Coming through guarantor (Visiting friends or family)

Documents from applicant-

Documents from applicants are same as I have explained above. You just need to cross verify with documents checklist in embassy homepage before submitting form.

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Documents from guarantor-

1- Invitation letter original.

2- List of visa applicants.

3- Letter of guarantee if inviter is paying your expense.

4- Copy of tax return/ certificate of deposit balance/certificate of income.

5- Copy of passport first and last page.

6- Residence card stating you visa type and expiry date.

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Special Note : Japanese embassy in Delhi is no more accepting direct application, you  have to submit visa application through travel agents while Chennai , Mumbai, Bangalore and other parts of India you can submit visa application directly to consultant as earlier.

Authorize travel agent: Currently in India there are only two travel agents.

1- Cox & Kings Global Services

2- Vfs Global

Embassy  URL (India) –  Japan Embassy

Visa Fee – 440 INR charged by embassy and service charge from travel agent is 600~650 INR.

Note: All the description presented here are based on Indian passport holder who visited Japan for 3 months. Visa rule changes time to time so keep looking on above websites for update.All the documents you can download from embassy website to avoid mismatch in format.

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Maldives Tourist Visa

crystal water beaches

crystal water beaches

I had been in Maldives during the summer of 2014 and it was like amazing to spend one week over there. Our first entry in Maldives was itself an imagination of landing on sea paradise. Maldives is the home of beautiful crystal clear water beaches and definitely among top 10 beaches around the world.

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If you are thinking to plan Maldives, before you are leaving, you do not require to apply visa for leisure activity. All people from almost all nationality can get 30 days arrival visa free of charge. 30 days visa is more than enough to dig a big hole in your pocket. Country is a bit expensive but nice destination of luxury travel. You will enter the country via Male international airport. Emirates Airline, Srilankan Airline, Singapore Airline, Air Asia and Air India are major airline to fly Male.

You required following documents.

1- Valid passport( Your passport should be machine readable) with 6 months validity.

2- Return flight ticket within 30 days from date of arrival.

3- Confirmation hotel/hostel/resort/guesthouse booking.

4- Sufficient funds during your stay($100 per day).

Point 1 and 2 they will check always but 3 and 4 depends on your luck 😛 If you are lucky enough to satisfy above conditions(visa deny rates are a few) then go and enjoy country before it wash out of a map due to global warming effect of increasing sea level.

maldives visa

Maldives visa

Wish you a good luck to enjoy your holidays in Maldives 🙂


Singapore Travel Visa

Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa

If you are thinking to visit Singapore for your new year holidays , then here are few tips regarding to get tourist visa. I went Singapore last year and I want to share my experiences with you regarding visa only. Google search for visa requirements was a bit difficult as compare to other countries.When you visit embassy website visa corner you can see some authorized agents who provide tourist visa for Singapore. All websites said one thing that you need Letter of Introduction(LOI) issued by a local contact in Singapore. If you have any friend  with Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Resident and at least 21 years old, he/she can act as a local contact to give you LOI. But incase you do not have any friend or contact in singapore you can write a letter to explain that why you can not submit LOI with your hotel booking and itinerary for the period you are going to stay in singapore.

Documents required to obtain Singapore Tourist Visa are shown below.

  • Application Form (Signature should be same as in passport)
  • Color photograph with white background
  • E-ticket
  • Letter of Introduction(LOI) by Singaporean friend

Here I am listing authorized agents for visa application in Japan

1- VFS Global Japan Branch
Fee: 9,750 ¥
Documents: Same as above

2- Travel Marketing & Assistance
Fee: 10,060 ¥
Documents: Same as above

Fee: 68$ around 7,000 ~ 8000¥ depends on exchange rate of the day.
Remark: Some time  IADVENTURE  ESCAPE do not process visa for few countries, so check there website before applying.
Documents:  I used  IADVENTURE for visiting singapore and they asked me to send following documents.
1- Passport photocopy front page with your name and date of birth and last page which has your current address in your home country.
2- Recent color photograph with white background

That’s all , here you don’t have take care of any kind of letter from singapore citizen , they will take care of this on your behalf. Normally you will get multiple entry visa within 3 days and they will send that to you via email. Now get ready for your trip to Singapore. Von Voyage 🙂

Tips: Immigration rules change time to time so keep eye on Singapore embassy website. You can get 5 days transit visa(Indian Passport Holder) if you are going third country via Singapore with Japanese working visa.

Philippines Tourist Visa

On request of one of my friend, here I am going to write post about visa for Philippines. In one line, you can get 14 days visa on arrival for Philippines.Below condition valid for Indian passport holder with Japanese working visa.

Boracay Beach Masti

Boracay Beach Masti

  1. Valid Japanese visa or permanent residence permit
  2. Passport valid at least six months beyond the contemplated stay in the Philippines
  3. Return or onward ticket to the next country of destination.

The 14-day visa-free entry is only applicable if you are entering the Philippines via NAIA Airport. The period of stay may be extended by immigration authorities for additional seven (7) days, maximum of twenty-one (21) days stay in the Philippines. I have been Manilla in 2016 January and found that visa process is easy going (Complete within 10 minutes) and can be complete without hustle and bustle.

Special Remark

If you are intending to stay longer in the Philippine, need to secure an appropriate entry visa from the Embassy in Roppongi. Please contact Embassy to check current visa rule for Indian Citizen as rule change time to time 🙂

Philippines Visa

Philippines Visa


Embassy Address: 〒106-8537 Tokyo, Minato 六本木5-15-5

Website: Philippine Embassy