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china tourist visa stamp
china tourist visa stamp

I have been in China for more than 2-3 times and each time you required china tourist visa stamp. Most of the time just I visit for 1-2 days apart from one long 15 days golden week holiday. If you are transiting China for 24 hours,  you can get the visa without any issue but if you are planning to visit china for 1 month, then you need to take care of tourist visa, which is not on arrival.If you’re a foreigner living in Japan (not a tourist) you can no longer apply for a Chinese tourist visa (type L) direct from the Chinese embassy in Tokyo, instead travel companies will apply on behalf of you.Getting tourist visa for China is easy from Japan, as you just need to prepare following documents.

China tourist visa (L category)

  • Valid passport, valid for six months after the date of application.
  • Completed application form with recent passport size photograph ( Visa form link )
  • Copy of your passport front page and last page with photo and home address.
  • Copy of residence card.
  • Proof of booked return flights.
  • Copy of hotel reservation OR invitation letter from a Chinese national.
Chinese embassy in Tokyo Japan
  • Address: 4-33 Moto-Azabu 3-Chome, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 1060046, Japan
  • Tel: +81-03-34033388
  • Email: info@china-embassy.or.jp
Recommended visa companies used by me, during my visit  to China

  1. For Tokyo region
    株式会社 ウエストン (Weston Ltd.)
    〒 106-0031Tokyo, Minato-ku, Nishi-Azabu 3-1-18
    Roppongi Newborn Building 4F
    Phone: 03-3403-0661
  2. For Osaka region
    〒 550-0002Osaka, Nishi-Ku, Edobori 1-23-26,
    Nishiyachiyo Building 4F
    Phone: 06-4306-3941
  3. Note:  It is my suggestion that you should call embassy first, to confirm whether embassy can receive tourist visa L application directly or you need to apply through travel agencies in Tokyo or Osaka, as rules changes time to time.

City Center Beijing

You can get sufficient information from above websites rather than embassy website.You can call either of them regarding to additional documents and fee structure with your visa type.At the time I applied, the fee was about 7000¥~7500¥ , and you can get visa in regular 4 days. Best of luck for visiting “Great Wall Of China” and many more 🙂


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