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day trip HonKong collection
Day trip HongKong collection

It was a beautiful morning of  December 2016 to have morning walk along Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront.The whole area comes under Kowloon and is a home of much famous attraction. During morning walk we got time to think that how we are going to spend time in Kowloon area. Therefore we decided to explore nearby places for our Day trip HonKong.

The first thing to be noticed while visiting Kowloon area is to choose the route for visiting all the attractions. Above all most of them are nearby and almost in a row. We chose Austin as a starting point of journey.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Starting a day with temple is always a good kick up for the day.You can go Wong Tai Sin Temple.This temple is very famous among the people who are looking forward to make their wish come true.People perform prayer and offer beer, chicken, wine and fruits to god.This temple belongs to  Buddhism and Confucianism.Nearest station to reach this place is MTR Wong Tai Sin Station with Exit B2 and there is shopping mall near by temple entrance where you can expect good coffee shop with delicious brunch at the top floor.

Day trip HongKong  ladies market

If you love window shopping and bargaining, ladies market can be a shopper’s paradise for you. Market serve wide variety fashion for girls and kids basically. Most of the items are between 10$ ~ 20$. If you are looking for small souvenir,  you can easily get it here. While passing through street do not shy to put your own bargaining price on the items which you like but down line is 10$. Nearest station to reach this place is MTR Mong Kok Station with Exit E2.

Day trip HongKong Temple Street Night Market

Next row for street market is Temple Street Night Market with plenty of small stall and outside dining restaurants. Street is full of souvenirs, bags , cutleries and other fashion accessories. Market is just walking distance from Tsim Sha Tsui central area. Quite noticeable oil painting are very famous in the street and can be grabbed easily within 100$. Nearest station to reach this place is MTR Jordan Station with Exit A. Recommended time to visit this place is afternoon when street is full with artist, fortune teller and antiques shops.


If you love to see the city from skyscraper then just go ahead with SKY100.Let me remind you it’s a tallest building in Hong Kong and you can cover 100 floor in just 60 seconds with high speed lift.Check there website for updates, sometime it’s close due to renovation.For discount you can buy couple ticket and enjoy the date with 360-degree view of Harbour.Nearest station to see this place is MTR Kowloon Station, Exits C1 or D1.
Website: SKY100

Day trip HongKong Nathan road Tsim Sha Tsui

From sky 100 you can come to Nathan road Tsim Sha Tsui. Nathan road is the place for colorful hoardings with small shops, cafe and restaurants. In nathan road there is building called choukin mansion where you can see small shop which offer good price for currency exchange.Road is busy from dawn to dusk. Many salesman are busy along the road looking for customer for guest house, private tour, dining and car services. Beware of pickpocket because the area is not safe especially when crowded.Once you finish Nathan road you will find yourself within walking distance from Avenue of Stars.

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Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars is still in renovation mode and expected to restart the business in 2018. You can still have look for some famous statue like Bruce Lee and Mcdull. All the statues and handprints are along the harbour so will definitely enjoy the harbour view. Avenue had great history in Hong Kong cinema so you will definitely like to read the message board while walking along the harbour. Nearest station to reach this place is MTR East Tsim Sha Tsui Station with Exit J.

Space museum

From avenue of stars you can start walking about 10 mins and find yourself in front of space museum. It’s a oval shape building and popular landmark in harbour waterfront.You can checkout space theater and planetarium. After you exit museum within a few meters distance is Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade.

Promenade is best place to see waterfront while having a coffee in the evening.Many people gather here to see  Symphony of Lights show around 20:00, which last for 15 minutes.Waterfront is long enough and you can easily find space to sit and enjoy just be aware in new year eve as it’s full packed and it’s hard to enter even in the area.

Kowloon Canton Railway Clock Tower

In the same line there is  Kowloon Canton Railway Clock Tower which was monument for all the immigrants during the age of steam train terminus, who used to visit hong kong and other part of world through this Harbour. People still remember the beginning of 19th century when there was a big train station with full of people. Recommendation to visit is evening time which is a happening time around the waterfront.

Star ferry ride

If you want to visit harbour the star ferry is the option which you find here easily. It is still a transport medium to travel between hong kong center and Kowloon. The better way to enjoy the scenery is water tour offered by many companies for couple of hours, moving around the  harbour. In the past it established strong link between two island when there was not rich infrastructure like train bridge etc. Harbour cruise still recommend in the evening rather than daytime.

Finally we were done with Kowloon area with finishing at waterfront from where we started our day. Hope you will also enjoy the day like we did.

Day trip HongKong harbor front
Day trip HongKong harbor front

Note: Keep octopus card with you all time as almost all transport accept card and you can submit this card back to station once leaving the country to get back security amount.


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