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Today I will take you to DMZ tour korea (Demilitarized Zone). In India there is Wagah Border, in US Mexico border  and in Korea there is DMZ. It seems like this still considered to be active military region that are still on war.

DMZ Korea
DMZ Korea

When I was in Korea I was super excited to visit DMZ. Here I want to tell you that, you can not visit DMZ without official tour company.We had short one day trip to DMZ and choose allseoultours for this excursion. There was three ty the es of tour for DMZ.

  • DMZ tour.
  • Joint security area tour(JSA).
  • Combining both tour.
Start from Seoul to DMZ Korea 08:00

We took DMZ tour Korea, morning half day tour and the tour started from Seoul Myeongdong where we were staying.Firstly, the tour company will pick up all the people and will board all of them to the common bus.In bus, it was good to hear about the history of Korea and some cracking jokes about North Korea by the guide.He explained that there are some fake villages on another side of the border(North Korea), to show off their power and prosperity. Further explained that North Korea still uses wood for basic necessities.  In other word  there is much shortage of electricity which made their side of the forest bald.

ID check Imjingak Village 09:00

This will be the first point you will see, war memorial and the Freedom Bridge.  The bridge from where soldiers came back at the end of the war. At this base point, your tour company will register everybody for the tour. You will get government permission to enter into DMZ. After that  the guide will do paperwork, so that you can go around the place.

The 3rd Tunnel  09:30

This is the tunnel which was dug by North Koreans to invade South Korea. Once it became international issue North Korea tried to hide its shame by explaining that, it was just a coal mining project and refuse invading. We watched 5-minute video over there for information about war history and then we entered into the tunnel about 1.1 miles long, 6.6 feet high and 6.6 feet wide. Going down was easy but coming back was a bit difficult to climb.

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Tips: Try to finish photography over here very fast as the guide will not give you extra minutes. Short heighten people are in benefit in terms of enjoyment in the tunnel as tunnel’s height is not much at some points.

Dora Observatory 11:00

It’s in the top of the mountain and if you are lucky enough and weather permits, you can see North Korea clearly. Here you can also see Hyundai manufacturing plant as well as long flagpole of both countries across the border. It was not thrilling but somehow good to see North Korean civilization from the eye of binocular.

North Korea
North Korea
Dorasan Station 12:00

This is the station where you can see train line linking South Korea to North Korea capital Pyongyang, which is not active as for now and also immigration counter which is a hope for both the country that, someday it will be in operation once united.

Last stop Seoul Amethyst Center  12:30

If you are a big fan of amethyst you can buy something for you or your beloved. Normal price starts from 100$ ~, It was 15 minutes visit but I was just resting instead of doing anything because I was tired.

Itaewon station the last point of DMZ tour Korea 13:00

Tour Bus dropped us at Itaewon station. It’s a place surrounded by good bars foreign restaurants and other shopping malls. One last but not least we found few restaurant offering vegetarian Hidimba(famous Korean food), which my vegetarian partner savoured with great enthusiasm.

Dora Station
Dora Station

 DMZ tour Korea require ID documents, so do not forget to keep your passport. DMZ tour Korea is definitely a must try trip that will be the most memorable experience throughout your tour in Korea.


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