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Blue Pond Hokkaido 青い池
Blue Pond Hokkaido 青い池

It has been long 6-month break of writing any post entry in the blog. There were many things, we needed to finish in the last half of 2018. We are happy to welcome Kiara and see her growing from a small infant to a chattering baby(although she is not chattering but not less than). Here, we want to ensure our subscribers that pre and post pregnancy break is over now. We are fully back to the blog writing and video making.

Thanks for your support and patience during this period. There were lots of things going on which kept us busy to pen down anything. Yes, and the headline is we moved from Japan to Germany. So welcome in Deutschland as we are around European destinations.

When we started to plan to move

It was the beginning of 2018 when we decided to shift. We successfully completed it with the time frame of September 2018. We were living in Japan for the last 8 years and it was indeed a good journey. The nice culture we ever feel in any foreign country. We learned a lot from Japan including Japanese timing consistency, The way they work to achieve accuracy, to secure the number one place in South Asia. Japan will always our second home and we will surely visit there on regular basis in future too.

Why we moved to Germany, a centred European destinations

Now may be many people already have started to think why Germany? As you all know that we are an engineer plus researcher couple. We found Germany fit for both of us. Meanwhile, Kuki is about to finish PhD in March 2019. We needed more time for Kiara which we felt a bit less in Tokyo due to some work-life balance culture of the city. Life seems to be slow and steady in Germany as we expected and we have already started to enjoy it. The only point surprises us that here everything is closed on Sunday, so we need to pack everything on Saturday(Missing Japanese convinces Familymart, 7/11so on .. mind you open 24 x 7 all round year).

How we will proceed from now

Till now we were concentrating more about Asia and especially visa, passport and things around Japan. We would like to continue to that but with less frequency. We are exploring a concrete niche for the blog now. Writing more post about all over European destinations for coming few years is on priority. We will change the format a bit of the blog too. From now on we will write down a short itinerary of 2~5 days with slow-pace travel(Baby friendly travelling). The itinerary will be time base, however, we will give you a consolidated rough idea about price. At this point, we are happy to receive sponsored(Hello sponsors around Europe) trips as well as we can review your itinerary.

How about the video youtube channel about European destinations

We have one more announcement this year that we are going to release the youtube channel “Hindi Travelogue” with all Hindi travel videos. If you understand Hindi, which is our native language, I am sure you will love it. We are expecting Kiara to learn Hindi by listening to us and from there this idea evolved. The video will start to come by the beginning of February or if exact it should be bang on 03 Feb 2019. Promotion and trailer we will have somewhere in January last week. Till then, you can tune on our channel link and subscribe in advance.

Did we choose full-time travel?

No no, I am still working as a full-time engineer in growing Fintech company in Germany while Kuki is on rest after 20+ years of continuous study. The good thing is we have moved out from BNB to the apartment and we have all the necessary amenities, especially the internet. In Germany, it’s difficult if you do not have a rented apartment. We are going to discuss how we moved from Tokyo to Germany and what were the steps need to carry out before and after landing.

How we are going to move around European destinations

We are planning to have all trips either with Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs) or sometimes with the rental car. There are a few places where we are feeling the rental car is the only option. Good thing is that my Japanese driving licence will work here and complication is driving is right handed just opposite to Japan. We do not hesitate to get a car sponsor for road trips around European destinations. We are highly motivated to see each city in European destinations rather country counting. All travel is targeted to be slow and steady with enjoying the soul of the place with local people.

Oktoberfest Munich
Oktoberfest Munich

Note: We are still not done with Japan posts as pregnancy-related posts are still pending as well well as visa related post too. As we promised to complete new-born baby series, we will do it from now. The frequency of post will be same like earlier 3 to 4 posts in a month (10th, 20th and last day of the month).

It’s our first post on 01 January 2019 so wishing all readers to a happy new year and have a prosperous year ahead.


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