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Yes, Indian passport holders need a German national visa in order to work in Germany for the long term. This visa is also known as D-Visa. Here, I am going to explain the things which are necessary while applying for a national visa. Additionally, in this post, I am going to discuss the common questions which arise while filing the visa like 1) How to apply for a German national visa? 2) What point needs to take care while applying for a German national visa? 3) where to apply for a German national visa and many more.

Landing, Berlin on German National Visa
Landing, Berlin on German National Visa

Schedule an appointment for the national visa

For all the people who are coming to Germany for a full-time job need a national visa. When you get a job offer from Germany, the first thing is to apply for a visa appointment on the embassy website online. For a national visa, the appointment is mandatory. One point that needs to be taken care of is that make separate appointments for each applicant even your child. The appointment is based on the address on your passport or place of residence from the past 6 months.

The German mission has the right to cancel your appointment if you fail to give residence address proof. There are 6 cities where you can book appointments. You can book appointments in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata.  New Delhi and Mumbai give you the choice to book an appointment with VFS Global. In Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata you can only go appointment with the consulate. 

Tips on appointment for the national visa

  • Waiting time for an appointment in India is 2-6 months depending on the city.
  • I will recommend you to book an appointment once you are done with the interview process and you are sure that the company is going to send you an offer letter.
  • Please select the city of appointment carefully, because you need to show the address proof.

While you wait for the appointment day, you can prepare all the documents described here for the visa. Documents are based on the country you currently reside in. If you are applying outside India, you need some additional documents.

Document requirement for national visa appointment

You need only your passport in order to book an appointment. Appointments are based on passport number. However, your passport should have at least 2 blank pages. If there are no appointments available then you can try your luck with the following tricks. 

  • Check appointment at 12:00-midnight German time. This is the time when the system will convert all cancel appointments to the available one.
  • Better to book an appointment in advance during the interview process and if no offer letter received then cancel it for someone else.
  • Check available time slots on a regular time interval, in order to claim it.
  • Be careful with “Central European Summer Time” and “Central European Time”, time changes in Germany according to summer and winter.
  • Any form of the electronic device even phone are not allowed in the document submission counter. So keep all the information ready with you in hard copy.

Application form for German national visa

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The top post about German national visa, in the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

The first option is to fill the national visa online and take a printout of the same with you. You can also download the form and fill it with a pen but make sure you fill all in capital letters. Do not provide any false information in any form, as you need to sign the declaration for it. If somebody represents you legally, you need to submit legal representative information too. Fill the form carefully and feel free to ask in the Facebook group if you find it difficult to fill it.

Document requirement for a German national visa 

Always check with the embassy’s site for documents. Documents are the only things that present you in front of officials. You need the following documents if you are going to Germany for employment.

  • Passport with at least two empty pages
  • Contract letter from your new employer in Germany
  • Application form with various declarations
  • 3 passport pictures
  • Demand draft in favor of your visa application center
  • Copy of passport first (your photo) and last page (your address)
  • You higher degree certificate
  • Cover letter for employment (Explain your purpose and duration of stay)
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Approval by the Federal Employment Agency (optional)
  • Health insurance
  • Last company’s relieving letter
  • Current company’s offer letter (Where you are working now)

The FAQ  in German embassy Delhi

Sometimes, the embassy will keep one of your original documents (randomly anyone). You will get back this document at the time of visa pickup. In my case, they kept a master’s degree. If you are married and marriage certificate asked by the embassy, then keep an English copy of the german translated version.

Tips on documentation for German national visa

  • Bring all your originals documents with you for cross verification
  • Arrange the documents in an order based on this link of the German embassy to save some time
  • Put documents in a folder but do not staple at all
  • Make legal german translation of docs if it’s in the regional language apart from English
  • All documents should have 2 copies without stapling

FAQ related to the national visa is always welcome in the comment or in the youtube video.

National visa fee

As per 2019, the visa fee for an adult is 75€ and the minor is 37.50€. This fee is always paid in INR and the exchange rate can be found on the embassy’s home page.

Visa fee link https://india.diplo.de/in-en/service/-/1987084

The Visa fee can be paid via demand draft at the time of the visa interview. Moreover, this fee is completely non-refundable and does not matter whether the visa is accepted or rejected. You can not pay the visa fee in cash. Always issue the demand draft in favor of the correct embassy or consulate. One last but not least the demand draft should not be older than 2 months. The Visa fee is paid on appointment day after submitting all documents.

Approvement from the German Federal Employment Agency  (ZAV)

It always depends on the case by case. In general, you do not need the International Placement Service (ZAV) certificate in India. You can apply for a German national visa without ZAV. In any case, if you need ZAV then you can get it from your employer. You need to send the following documents to your employer.

  • Passport
  • CV
  • University degree
  • Contract letter

Basically, the company applies on behalf of you in the German Federal Employment Agency with the above documents. It takes 10 to 30 days for them to receive acceptance or rejection. Make sure to keep reminding your employer to check all mails. Some time agency asks questions and if you miss replying to them in a particular time frame they will reject it. ZAV makes your national visa process fast and strong on the document side. If there is some miscommunication, your company can appeal on behalf of you.

Photo specification for National Visa

You need a photo with a 3.5 cm width x 4.5 cm height in any kind of visa for Germany. Your face size should be 3.2 to 3.6 cm. The background should be white and in general no hat, sunglasses, etc. Once you are landed in Germany photo size remain unchanged for any documentation. Therefore, make more photos so that you can use them here too. If you have an appointment with family including children then go along with kids.

Check more details here the link is here

Eurotower Frankfurt Germany
Eurotower Frankfurt Germany

How about Blue card on National Visa

Basically, everybody gets a national visa once approved. Once, you are landed in Germany then you can apply for either normal residence permit or blue card residence permit. For blue card, you should have a salary more than 53000/year or 47000/year for so-called shortage skill labor in Germany. Your degree must match with the type of work you are offered in Germany. For example, if you have a degree in textile engineering and you got the offer of software engineering job than in this case, you are out of the race to get a blue card.

  • Any way apply for the blue card in “Ausländerbehörde” once in Germany.
  • Ausländerbehörde” never work without an appointment so make an appointment.
  • It’s not mandatory to go with german translator or friend but always prefer to do so, who can help you in translations.

Tax calculator for Germany –  It’s called brutto-netto so click on netto link. 

Document verification

Embassy verifies all your document in between the date of application and acceptance/rejection date. Sometimes, verification is done by a private agency to check the reality on the root level. The foreign office will check your degree to make a comparison between an equivalent degree in Germany. Additionally, they will check your University too, to verify that your university is recognized by the German government. Sometimes, you may get mail that either your university or degree is not recognized in Germany. However, in that case, try doing the following things.


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Who doesn’t need a national visa for landing in Germany

  • If you are a European Union citizen including nordic, you do not need a long term visa for landing in Germany.
  • If you have Australia, United States of America, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, Israel, and the Republic of Korea passport you still do not need long term visas for landing in Germany. Therefore, you can apply for a national visa directly in Germany.
  • All other people require a German national visa for working in Germany

Stay proof for Initial one month 

Stay proof is not mandatory for a German national visa. You do not need an invitation like “Meldebescheinigung” from Germany. However, I recommend my readers to book accommodation for a week in advance before you land in Germany. It’s rare but sometimes the immigration officer verbally asks you where you are going to live. Finding accommodation in high season like summer makes it a little bit difficult and expensive.


  • Rent your first one week from my Airbnb link and you will get a little bit discount for the whole stay.
  • Try to avoid scams as- if someone says that he/she will send you a contract online and ask you to pay online or once the contract is signed he/she will send you the key through the parcel. This is a total scam, do not transfer money to anyone without viewing the apartment personally.
  • Always check the Airbnb host before making a reservation.
  • Contact your colleague in Germany for a basic idea if possible.

Summary guide for the German national visa

There are few rules which are unwritten but are mandatory during and after the visa process.

  • In D-Visa which is a national visa, your first port of entry should be Germany only.
  • You need to register yourself with the city office within 15 days.
  • Once you are registered you can enter or visit around any European country under Schengen visa freely
  • You need to apply for a residence permit after landing as D-Visa is valid for a maximum of 6 months.
  • Put your name immediately on your home letterbox after registering in the city office. Your tax paper, health insurance or any other document will not be delivered until your name is there.
  • If you are coming with family put there name too in a mailbox.
  • While opening the bank account make sure you are not paying for any service.
  • You can use the N26 account link, easy to create, and easy to use.
  • The decision-maker on the visa is Embassy not VFS global.
  • It’s perfectly fine to book a ticket after getting the visa.
  • Hey if you started to earn money in Europe you can send India via Transferwise link.
  • Ph.D. candidate, post-doctorate, scholarship applicants will have always a high priority.
  • Apply for health insurance with the company once you are joined.
  • Most of the airport in Europe requires payment for the trolley (commonly 1 euro).

If you loved the post, feel free to comment on the blog’s comment section. Similarly, let me know what you want next in the series of landing in Germany. I am waiting for your suggestions and feedback on both videos and blogs. 

In English

What is next in the coming blog and youtube videos
  • The point needs to be taken care of after landing Germany ( food, tax, insurance) 
  • Tax registration and change tax class for the married couple
  • How to get child support money( Kindergeld from Familykassee)?
  • When to register with the city officials in Germany?
  • Where to open a bank account in Germany?
  • Where to apply for a residence permit or blue card?
  • Applying for a German national visa from a German embassy outside India.
  • Applying a Dependent visa for family.
  • The train system in Germany and what is JobTicket.
  • Where to start a search house in Germany?
  • How to learn the German language and is it free or partially paid by someone? 
  • Where and how to convert your Japanese driving license to German driving license 
  • What is the cost of living in Frankfurt for a couple or a bachelor?
  • What are the rules and how to handle filing a tax return in Germany?
  • …… The list goes on…!!
  • Keep reading and watching the youtube video of my upcoming blogs vs vlogs

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I am going to cover all the topics which I executed hereafter landing. I will tell how smooth and tedious was each process. So, pack your bag and welcome to Germany on National visa.

If you are coming to Europe on Schengen visa then you could apply here Link Schengen Visa – 180 days, Single Entry


  1. Shiva Gautam Reply

    Can you help with what sort of documents for health insurance should be provided during the application process? The checklist says “Certificate about compulsory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) from German employer valid from date of employment.”. But isnt this document available only after you register for insurance once you join the company at Germany ? Is this document mandatory for Visa Application ?

    • Vagabond Reply

      Hey Shiva,
      You are right that, you will get health insurance once you join company and register insurance in Germany. However in german national visa you need insurance till that date(The date you will receive insurance from German employer), which you can buy travel insurance and private insurance for a month from Policy bazar or Bajaj depend on your choice. If you still confuse about german national visa insurance then you can call embassy diectly. Let me know how it goes in Youtube or here in cookievagabond 🙂

  2. Vagabond Reply

    Feel free to ask any question and get involve in discussion to help others as well as help me to update latest rules.

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