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Airlift flight from India to Finland(Video in Hindi and English ↓ )

There is some good news for people who want to come back to Germany from India there is Finnair flight flying from Delhi to Germany on 18 April 2020 as per embassy news portal. Video in English also available in CookieVagabond Channel !!

The flight will land to Helsinki but from there you can travel to Germany easily by domestic flights or other stuff in case there is an urgency to come back to Germany. One thing I have heard its pre-arranged flight which means you need to contact the Finnish embassy Delhi and if they say yes you are there. Now a day due to COVID 19 people are stuck just here and there.
Here I am explaining Airlift experience from India 🇮🇳 to Germany 🇩🇪

How to find IT job in Germany

How to find an IT job in Germany? Is this your question if yes this video will tell you all the steps for finding a job in Germany. Job hunting in Germany from start to signing a contract. I mentioned all the search engine website which I found good for finding the job in Germany.


What is BLUE card for Germany

This video is all about Blue Card Germany or Blaue Karte in Germany. The video starts by explaining what is BLUE card and further discusses the procedure for applying and ends with tips and tricks for getting the EU blue card.


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