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We have just started a channel named Hindi travelogue with the simple speaking Hindi. We make Indian family travel videos in Hindi(our mother tongue) with English subtitle. Vagabonding sometime with me and other time with my wife Kuki and daughter Kiara. We explore all over Europe including England. There will be add-on few videos about Japan, the birthplace of Kiara and the place where we spent our outstanding 9 years. We do vlogging as we want to share the beauty of word with child-friendly style to you all with the help of Hindi Travelogue.

Hindi Travelogue Channel
Hindi Travelogue Channel

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Hindi Travelogue background

We are from the mountain of Uttrakhand India so we trek daily to mountain :). This shows that we will be part of hiking in alps too around Europe with child-friendly. We have been in Japan close to a decade. We visited most of the countries in South Asia and it’s the time to document all in the video too. By profession, we are still engineer + researcher(now Dr Cookie). Most of the video will be on weekend and a total of 3 videos in a month. Here is our youtube channel link and do not shy to subscribe the channel to go along with us.

Youtube channel link Hindi Travel Videos from Kuki, Kiara and Raj

So what next in the Hindi Travelogue

If you want to follow us and want to know how we teach Hindi to our daughter while travelling then this is the channel you can follow. If you have something to share like how you teach your kid Hindi out of India do share your view. We are the initial phase and will try hard to teach our kid as many as the language we can. Our first video will always make us remember how we started the journey with a single step. You can see the link below for Hindi Travelogue.

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See you all guys in our next video which will release on 20th February 2019 from Germany.

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