After getting HongKong tourist visa
After getting HongKong tourist visa

Today, I will give you update on HongKong tourist visa rules and regulations. It took me long time to write my post after new year holiday, but from now I will keep continue writing weekly post. Hong Kong is always dream destination for all those people who love shopping and try to avoid language barrier that exists in south asian countries.We have been there few months back and feel its worth to visit Hong Kong for a week to enjoy sightseeing as well as shopping.If you are visiting Hong Kong before 23rd January 2017 then you need only Japan Residence Card  and a valid round trip ticket. Documents required to obtain Hong Kong Tourist Visa are shown below (Below requirements are based on Indian passport holder working in Japan).

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Document requirements for Hongkong tourist visa based on Indian passport holder working in Japan

1- Valid Japanese working visa or permanent residence permit.
2- Passport valid for at least six months before the date of arrival in Hong Kong.
3- Roundtrip ticket to Japan or the next country of destination (Print out or online copy).
4- Confirm hotel booking (Print out or online copy)
5- Tentative itinerary (Print out or online copy)

If immigration will find your landing suspicious then They can call you for personal interview IN separate cabin in airport or ferry terminal, above documents will help you to answer clearly about your motive in Hong Kong.

Now you might be thinking why I have specified the date 23 January 2017 ?? New immigration rules are going to implement onward this date. As per immigration department, number of illegal immigrants are increasing day by day in Hong Kong, so they want to check all kind of documents before someone lands to shopping paradise Hong Kong. You can check your visa requirement for Hong Kong via clicking on Immigration department website. If you want to fill Pre-arrival Registration  form then visit application form link.

Special Note on HongKong tourist visa
The Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals will be implemented on 23 January 2017.  The online service for “Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals” is now opened. You can just fill the  form on above link before landing to Hong Kong

Enjoy the country, Enjoy the dim-sum, enjoy the relaxing time and Best of all it’s in Hong Kong 🙂

hong kong visa notice
hong kong visa notice

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