South Korea Tourist Visa
South Korea Tourist Visa

People living in Japan can apply tourist visa for South Korea from Korean consulate Azabu-Jūban Tokyo.Office hours for visa form submission is 9:30~12:00 and collecting passport is 14:00 ~16:00.If your registration card address does not fall in Tokyo area then go to related area office e.g If you are living in Yokohama then go to Yokohama consultant office as Tokyo office does not accept applications from the people living in other than Tokyo.

Document requirements for South Korea Tourist Visa
  • Residence card (Must have minimum 3 months working visa )
  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Latest clicked 1 photo with white background

You can fill your application in visa office (Pages were around 3~5) with your personal details as well as professional details.My suggestion is better to fill all the forms at home and then submit to visa counter, it will save plenty of time. For the application form, you can download from Mofa Website. Once you get the visa, it’s valid for 3 months so get ready to go Korea within 3 months before it expires. The maximum duration of stay is 90 days.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace

Embassy website – Korean Embassy  and Visa consultant website – Korean Museum
Address Of South Korean Visa Consultant
〒106-0047 Tokyo, Minato, Minamiazabu, 1 Chome−7−32 在日韓人歴史資料館 
Phone – 03-3457-1088

South Korea tourist visa tips:

  • While filling application form write down correct departure date to make sure your landing date. Your visa will start from the date of landing
  • If your visa is going to expire and you have already applied for the extension then bring the copy of application submit the receipt with residence card indicating “Visa is in processing”.
  • These all pieces of information are based on the applicant who is Indian passport holder with engineer work visa.


  1. im a student visa in japan but i want to go to korea ….. but how??

    • Kuki Reply

      It does not matter whether you have student visa or other visa even travel visa you can apply from Korean embassy directly 🙂

  2. I am an Indian national working in Japan, planning to visit South Korea this new year. [appx. 10 days]
    I have a Resident card which expires on March 18, 2019. No plans in extending the stay.

    Is my resident card expiration should be within 3 months? If so, I should apply before December 17th, 2018?
    Since i m staying far from consulate and working, can you help me whether the below documents are enough for Visa submission? [To make sure NO second attempt]

    -> South Korea visa Application form
    -> Passport (6 months validity)
    -> Photo with white background
    -> Resident card
    -> Bank statement

    Sorry for the trouble. I understand you may not answer few. Please help with the information you know.

    • Kuki Reply

      First, make sure which office comes in your residing area as they do not take the application in Tokyo from the person living in Osaka. Do not tell them, you are not intended to extend your permit(better to apply early if plan fixed it will not harm you). It should work if you have a residence permit valid after your return back to Japan. For all documents are good just take front and back of residence card even its empty backside. Happy journey in advance and let me know it works, recently the person named Tanima (in comment list) applied based on this blog entry and she got in the first attempt.

    • Om Prakash Reply

      Hi myself working in Japan had applied for korean visa for touring around new year, i am not sure of the resident card though if distance and taking leave is an issue there are few proxy agencies which can get you through the visa. But you must make sure the total charge is less than your travel expenses to the embassy. (Twice to the embassy)

      • Can you tell the name of some proxy agencies which can get the visa for the applicant as it will help other readers of the blog who do not have time to go embassy and perform application themselves? For me, I did myself by going directly to the embassy so it will be helping me too with updated information.

  3. Hi! I am a Filipina in Tokyo who wants to apply for Korean tourist visa. I called the embassy but the personnel said I must have at least 3 months remaining in my residence card. My residence card will expire in 2 months. Is it really possible for me to apply for Korean visa? Please advise.

    • Kuki Reply

      It’s possible I traveled when my residence card expire in 15 days they just ask me if I had application for issue new residence card or not. I have shown them the stamp back of my residence card and they were ok without any issue you can directly go there and explain that you are going to come back Japan thats it 😉

  4. Narayan Budha Magar Reply

    Im still studying japanese language in japan and my visa leaving in japan is still 7 month remain
    Can i apply visit visa for shouth korea

    • Kuki Reply

      You can apply even you have 1 month visa remaining just make sure your passport should not expire in next 6 months.

  5. Lal mohammad betani Reply

    Hello dear this is lal mohammad i have japan 1 year visa what is you visa rule for afghan passport holder in japan

    • Kuki Reply

      @Betani Sahib I am not a visa consultant however you can check Korean embassy website to find out visa rules for Korea in each category. My post based on Indian passport holder with 3 year engineer visa 😉


    How long does it take to get the passport back?
    Can someone else do the work instead of me going?
    since taking a day off is difficult and will have to travel from Hamamatsu to Yokohama.

    • Kuki Reply

      Omprakash you can take passport back in 3rd working day including submission day. You can call yokohama office some time they accept all things with post parcel on that case no need to go personal, Just check for current rule 🙂


      Thanks alot for the info, keep doing the good work.

  7. Can you please give some info about the private companies, who can do the visa work
    as its a bit difficult to take a day off and vist Visa offics

    • Kuki Reply

      @aaveg I have no idea even private company provide Korean Visa still I see there are few like RTO INTERNATIONAL , however you can finish your visa work early morning in embassy.

  8. Hi i am nepalese. I am in japan(student visa) for 2 years and my visa is soon gonna expired within 2 months. Can i get tourist visa for south korea?

    • Kuki Reply

      Hey, Ganga definitely you can apply for tourist visa. Just make sure your passport should be valid for at least the next 6 months.

  9. Rosemary Nejal Reply

    Good morning is it possible to come pick for application forms because im close to your embassy???

    • Kuki Reply

      Rosemary Nejal what you mean by pickup form you can download the form online or you can fill in the embassy on the same day of submitting the form 🙂

    • Kuki Reply

      Thank you, hope it helps you while visiting Korea 🙂

  10. Thanks for the write-up. How long does it take for visa processing? I wish there was a way to submit application online, have to take a day off to submit at embassy 😦 😦

    • It took 3 business day including submission day, there was no online system but you can ask them by phone if they have online system now.Meanwhile there are some private companies which can get visa for you without taking day off 🙂

      • Thanks for the response. Appreciate it. I will check with embassy people reg online ways. How much did you pay as visa processing fee?

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