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Macau casino world the Venetian
Macau casino world the Venetian

Macau casino world, whenever we take the name Macau the picture which comes in front of our eyes is Casinos,. Additionally shopping centre, big buildings, lavish lifestyle and for sure that’s true. Today I am going to share my experiences in Macau. See the world of Macau from my eyes.Here you go 🙂


Each casino is accessible by limousine bus, which is free from the major public centre like the airport, border gate and ferry terminal. All big casinos buses have good frequencies 2~3 buses / 30 minutes.

Points to remember

Minimum age to enter in casino area is 18. If your appearance does not looks like an adult then better to keep passport with you. In other word prove all the time your age to security guard around the entrance of casino area.

What to expect

Like other casinos in the world, Macao also has all kind of games including private bidding space too. The minimum bit is decided on each table. If you are afraid of gambling, then go inside the casino area stroll with multiple tables and just see the people or play safe with a roulette.


You can have limousine bus from casino to almost any part of Macao.If you are coming for a day trip and you are loaded with bags then you can keep your bags in luggage centre with small amount money for a day or hours.

Nearby attraction

 You can visit Taipa village, Rua Do Kunha cookie street if you are in Taipa part. If you are in Macao centre then Stroll along the street of Portuguese architecture Macao can be a good choice.

Vagabond recommendation for Macau casino world

If you do not have enough time then you can choose particular number casinos to explore for a day.We personally feel all casinos are almost same without any big difference. We visited Galaxy Macau, The Venetian Macao and The Parisian Macao.

Galaxy Macau
Galaxy Macau
Galaxy Macau

Biggest casino in the Taipa area, you will find golden colour buses of this casino. Galaxy Macau provides exotic holiday experience with some cultural night.The entrance of this casino is always based on festival season, If you love private casino this is the place for you.

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The Venetian Macao

 People who are the fan of Venice then this is the place of you, as the name suggests its Venice of Macau. You can experience small Venice inside the mall. There is a canal inside the mall where you can take gondola drive for a couple of minutes. It has some packages like singing dining etc on the gondola. For vegetarian people like the cookie, you have many choices around the food court. The best thing you may like in this casino is interior architecture and ambience. The roof above gondola drive place is sky type wallpaper which is hard to check whether original or just wallpaper with balance light. It’s the shopper’s paradise. You can check reference website link.

Parisian Macao the last Macau casino world

 The Parisian Macao recreates the magic of Paris in Macau. Easy to mark this casino as it’s having Eiffel tower outside the building. For the people who love French cuisine, they might like this place.Our recommendation is BRASSERIE with great atmosphere, where you can enjoy, classically French meal.

All the casinos can be covered within a day with shopping, dining and gambling experience.If you have more time then you can visit local Taipa village which I am going to post on my next article.For people visiting Macau more than 2-3 days, they can divide itinerary based on heritage tour ( Churches and Portuguese architecture), casino tour and adventure tour(Bungee & Horse riding).

The Venetian Macao
The Venetian Macao


  1. LifeLatelywithAshee Reply

    Absolutely stunning!!! A definite must go!!

    • Vagabond Reply

      We are a fan of ” Las Vegas” too. Macau is a really nice place. It’s always remarkable in the new year.

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