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I had been in the Maldives during the summer of 2014 and it was like amazing to spend one week over there. Our first entry in the Maldives was itself an image of landing on sea paradise. The Maldives is the home to beautiful crystal clear water beaches and definitely among the top 10 beaches around the world. This post is in detail about Maldives tourist visa.

See Kaani Beach Front Line after getting Maldives tourist visa
See Kaani Beach Front Line after getting Maldives tourist visa

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If you are thinking to plan the Maldives, before you are leaving, you do not require to apply visa for leisure activity. All people from almost all nationality can get 30 days arrival visa free of charge. 30 days visa is more than enough to dig a big hole in your pocket. The country is a bit expensive but at the same time a nice destination for luxury travel. You will enter the country via the Male international airport. Emirates Airline, Srilankan Airline, Singapore Airline, Air Asia and Air India are the major airline to fly Male.

Maldives tourist visa details in the official tourism website link

Documents required for Maldives tourist visa
  • Valid passport( Your passport should be machine-readable) with 6 months validity.
  • Return flight ticket within 30 days from the date of arrival.
  • Confirmation hotel/hostel/resort/guesthouse booking.
  • Sufficient funds during your stay($100 per day).

Point 1 and 2 they will check always but 3 and 4 depending on your luck. In my case, they ask me about point 3. If you are lucky enough to satisfy above conditions(visa deny rates are a few) then go and enjoy country before it washes out of a map due to the global warming effect of increasing sea level. Island excursion, whale watching, scuba diving, massage and snorkelling are the main point to enjoy in the Maldives.


Maldives tourist visa stamp
Maldives tourist visa stamp

Wish you a good luck to enjoy your holidays in Maldives 🙂 with stunning crystal water beaches. Get Maldives tourist visa and visit beautiful beaches.

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