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New 7 Wonders Ha Long Bay limestone cave
New 7 Wonders Ha Long Bay limestone cave

Whenever I think about the sea, landscape, and relaxation one of my 7 wonders Halong Bay ( wikilink ) is on the top list. If you too interested in the sea, cruises and relaxation during holiday then this the place you are looking for. Your research plan can start from few things written below.

1- How many days you want to stay on the cruise? There are some frame 2 days, 5 days or weeks etc.
2- What’s your budget ( Usually people decide in USD even its Vietnam)?
3- Which activities you like (party, canoeing or island hopping)?

Choose the cruise for 7 wonders

If you have enough time to spend in Hanoi then better to book the cruise during your Hanoi stay. There are many travel agencies in the old quarter and lake area. Agency will give you on the spot deal after bargaining. Average price for peak season is 80~90$ per night for each person. Usually, cruise company’s bus comes to hotel in the morning 8:00 ~ 9:00 for pickup and drop you in the bay after 3 hours.We choose paragon cruise for visiting the cave, pearl farm and top of Titov Island.

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The best part of the trip was drinking on cruise, karaoke, kayaking and swimming in the evening with friends. Don’t forget to keep your camera with you every time you switch to the small boat for excursion.Nature lovers and honeymoon people can consider this place without even a single doubt.

New 7 Wonders Ha Long Bay
New 7 Wonders Ha Long Bay

Special notice – Please be aware with fraud happening while booking tour , when you are bargaining then confirm your rate with included and excluded list.Sometime they will lower money and may send you some cheap cruise, so better to make sure cruise name with itenary.If you are vegetarian tell them in advance they will definitely serve you

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