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In our last post, we discussed How to register the baby birth in Tokyo Japan. In case you are done with register baby birth in city office the next step is to make your child stay legal in Japan. Apply for newborn baby visa in Tachikawa immigration Tokyo. 

Me maa and grand maa
Me maa and grand maa


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Document requirement for newborn baby visa

You need to bring the following documents to receive a visa for your child in one shot. You can find address and map link just at the end of the post.

  • From where to get  → Document name in English → Japanese → Japanese Romaji
  • (Self) Residence card 在留カード Zairyu Card (father and mother both)
  • (Self) Passport パスポート Pasupōto (father and mother both)
  • (City office) Birth registration receipt certificate 出生届受理証明書 Shusshōtodoke Juri shōmei-sho
  • (City office) Certificate of residence 住民証明書-家族全員 Jūmin shōmei-sho – Kazoku zen’in
  • (City office) Income proof certificate 課税証明書 Kazei shōmei-sho Get the latest one
  • (City office) Remaining tax check certificate 納税証明書 Nōzei shōmei-sho
  • (Indian embassy) Baby Passport if you have already in hand.
  • (Company HR) Certificate of incumbency or service 在職証明書 Zaishoku shōmei-sh
You can download the newborn baby visa application from the Immigration Bureau of Japan website.
However link is shown below and fill this before visiting the office to avoid submission delay.
Newborn baby visa Tokyo application form link
Permission to Acquire Status of Residence for the newborn child

As per rule, you must have to apply for a newborn baby visa within 30 days including birthday. There is no requirement of child photo until 16 years of age. Same docs I have applied for my wife dependent visa.

Newborn baby visa process in Tachikawa immigration

The additional step, you need to fill one more form which you will receive in the immigration office. You will write parents details like the workplace, passport details, country etc in the given form. If all documents are ok they will tell you to wait for 10~15 mins in the waiting area. Keep holding your token until you are at office premises. They will call you with the token number once the residence card is ready. Check details on the card and say yes to the officer to go home. The whole process is free of cost and can be performed by any parents mom or dad.

In Tachikawa office, you will get newborn baby visa status with residence card on the same day however in Shinagawa immigration office it takes 7~15 days. You have to go yourself to receive the visa (1-day apply + 1-day receive)

Special note for the newborn baby visa to readers

My special advice to all readers, the immigration office is always busy, so try to go there just around 08:30 to avoid a long queue and save half day holiday. If you living in Tokyo then try to go branch office instead of the main office like I did in Tachikawa. You can call at least one time to the immigration bureau office to confirm that there are no changes in rule and document checklist for the newborn baby visa. They talk in English but the name of documents are typically long, so do not hesitate to repeat and confirm in English as well as Japanese. For calling immigration you can use 03-5796-7111 (for Japanese) and 03-5796-7112 (for English).

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Telephone inquiry

Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Tachikawa Bus Stop
Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Tachikawa Bus Stop

My personal recommendation is to find a friend who knows Japanese as all the docs name in Japanese and create confusion while memo as an English speaker. Sometimes they use typical terms for the difficult question which are not quite understood as English only speaker. Most of the time both the number have the bilingual speaker so try your comfort.

Download correct documents, dependent visa and acquire the status of residence(newborn baby visa) are completely different. There are two office, In my case, I went to Tachikawa immigration bureau. All things were done with the paper mentioned in the post, no extra paper !!

 Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau Tachikawa Branch Office

Office address 

Transport to immigration office Tachikawa

Bus Number from Tachikawa JR station – 53 Kitamachi-Yuki  立53北町行
Tachikawa station boarding Gate number – 12
Immigration office stop Name- Tama shaken-ba 多摩車検場

All the announcement and display board will be in English so do not worry, while you alight walk fast to reach earlier as all people go to the same place.



  1. Shiva Gautam Reply

    What kind of document regarding health insurance should be provided ? The checklist says “Certificate about compulsory health insurance (Gesetzliche Krankenversicherung) from German employer valid from date of employment.” but isn’t this document available only after you go to Germany and register there for health insurance. Can you please help me here ?

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS POST!! I recently had a baby in Japan, and needed to get a visa for them, and this post was invaluable! So much more useful than what the JP gov’t provided. After 6 hours at the immigration office, our baby has a visa, and this post was so helpful. Thank you, again!!

    • Kuki Reply

      Brandy that’s good to hear, let me know if some new rule added apart from I have written in the blog 🙂

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