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Are you an Indian, who are registered in Japan and have a residence permit? Have you recently became a parent? So you need a passport for your newborn baby right? Therefore, in this post, we will explain, how to get a brand new passport for our newborn daughter. You can apply for newborn child passport directly in Indian embassy Tokyo and by postal mail too. You need to send the completed form with the signature and fee. From the last few years, it’s mandatory to fill the whole application online. Once filing the form you can take print out and send to the embassy.

newborn child passport
newborn child passport

Registration of birth for the newborn child  Tokyo

When you are applying for a passport, additionally apply for registration too. Moreover, birth registration for a newborn child is necessary to be an Indian citizen. Once registration is done, you can receive birth certificate multiple times from any embassy of India around the world. However, it’s not free service but with some minimal charges to get a copy of the birth certificate. This registration makes sure that you are born as an Indian citizen without holding a passport or birth country. There are already forms on the embassy of India website for all purpose. You can get forms in the embassy of India office itself too.

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Document required for newborn baby passport
  • Birth registration application for baby
  • Copy of birth certificate from the hospital (Japanese version ok)
  • Consent letter from parents with proper signature by both of them
  • Request letter from parents for registering a child with an Indian nationality
  • Parent passport and residence card
    • 1 Copy of mother passport and residence card
    • 1 Copy of father passport and residence card
  • Three passport size photograph
    •  2-inch x 2-inch
  • Newborn baby residence permit and it’s copied. If not received yet, just show receipt of application submission at immigration.
  • Complete passport application for newborn child
Document required for registration of newborn baby with Indian nationality
  • Complete application for child registration you can receive in the embassy of India.
  • Application for registration of birth of the minor child.
  • 1 Photo as per specification
  • Consent letter from parents with properly signed by both of them
  • A copy of the certificate of Indian citizenship is acquired by registration/naturalization
  • A copy of the marriage certificate of the parents
  • Help on filling application link
Newborn child passport application guidelines

When you have a newborn baby there are a lot of formalities for the first few months. The best part of these applications is that you can go to the embassy of India without the baby. So visiting with the child is optional, but either of the parents should be there. If you are relative of the newborn child then you need an additional letter. The letter is power of attorney. On behalf of the parent, the person can perform the passport application submission.

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Newborn child passport tips on submission embassy of India

Additionally one more thing I noticed that it’s difficult to find blue ink for thumb impression. In Japan everywhere we use red ink for the official stamp to a personal one. Similarly, you can use red ink like a Japanese stamp for thumb impression. No need to ruin many papers, you can just take approx thumb impression of the child.

Validity and filling data on Newborn child passport embassy of India

Passport for a newborn child is valid for only 5 years. Newborn child passport applied in the embassy of India Tokyo can be received within 15 days to a month. Child passport will always inherit address either from mother or father. Therefore, make sure somebody lives in the address you mentioned in the passport. Additionally, If you and your child share the same address and you want to change it. Then you both need to change address.

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Newborn child passport application guidelines

Once, they receive an application from you then it means all documents are ok. You can pay the fee and keep the receipt with you. The person who will come to receive the newborn child passport should have that one. Therefore, either of parents can come to receive a passport. Till then rest and wait for your newborn baby passport. Fee structure to be paid in Japanese yen.

  • Passport for newborn child Indian embassy Tokyo7250 yen
  • For newborn registration of birth  3050 yen

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  • You need to show the original of every document which you attach with the passport. They just want to make sure that you have correct documents
  • They only submit the application in the morning half with a short window of 9:00 to 11:00
  • You can collect a passport only in the afternoon from 16:00 to 17:00
  • For the fee, they will not accept credit card so keep cash only
Let us know how is your experience with the embassy of India Tokyo. We are no more in Tokyo so, you can tell us
if things have been updated from May 2018. We applied at that time and it went well with correct deatlines.


  • It’s difficult to click child picture, so I recommend to ask the hospital to click passport size picture for you.
  • Check Japanese and Indian holiday before going of Embassy of India Tokyo Japan.

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