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Nomadic Yatri to Cookie Vagabond Cherry Blossom Tokyo
Nomadic Yatri to Cookie Vagabond Cherry Blossom Tokyo

Hey there, the companions of “Nomadic Yatri” 🙂 we have changed our blog name from “Nomadic Yatri ” to “Cookie Vagabond”. You must be thinking why suddenly this change, so the reason is,  the new name Cookie resemble the name of my travel crime partner, as her nickname is “Kuki” and  “Vagabond” is like “Jamesbond” and I like both of them.So I thought of introducing “Cookie Vagabond”.

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The change in name is to distinguish us from the crowd of other nomads and I personally like Vagabond and I hope you also like same. Now you can proudly say I am the follower of Vagabond “Cookie Vagabond” 😛

Please check our facebook and twitter page. Here are the details.

Facebook Page:  Facebook  Cookie Vagabond

Twitter Page:  TwitterCookie Vagabond


  1. congrats for the change. The new name sounds cool! All the best on your blogging journey with a new name! 🙂

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