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Why I wrote blog about Philippines tourist visa ?

On demand request of my friend, so I am going to write the post about Philippines tourist visa. If you have Japanese work permit, you will get 14 days visa on arrival. Only requirement for on arrival visa is Indian passport and Japanese residence permit. You do not need to show any finance and hotel or other things to enter the country. Embassy website is in english and they clearly mention this rule in Philippines tourist visa section.

Philippines tourist visa gateway to Boracay Beach
Philippines tourist visa gateway and Boracay Beach
Document required for Philippines tourist visa
  • Valid Japanese visa or permanent residence permit.
  • Passport valid at least six months after landing in the Philippines.
  • Return or onward ticket to the next country of destination.
Condition for Philippines tourist visa

The 14 days visa-free entry is only applicable, if you are entering the Philippines via NAIA Airport. But a days they allowed same in Cebu airport too. The period of stay can be extended by immigration authorities for additional seven days. The maximum extension is 21 days stay in the Philippines. I have been Manilla in 2016 January to celebration our new year party. I found that visa process is quite easy going and can be completed in 10 mins. All work can be finish without hustle and bustle.

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Special Remark on Philippines tourist visa

If you are intending to stay longer in the Philippine therefore, you need to secure an appropriate entry visa from the Embassy in Tokyo. Contact embassy in addition to check current visa rule for Indian Citizen as rule change time to time.

Philippines Visa
Philippines Visa


Embassy Address: 〒106-8537 Tokyo, Minato 六本木5-15-5

Website: Philippine Embassy


  1. mayank malaviya Reply

    Hi there,

    I have all the necessary documents as listed by you but i need to go to Cebu and my flight from Narita is a connecting one via Manila. So, will i be allowed Visa on arrival in Manila and then allowed to board the connecting flight. Or, shall i buy 2 different tickets, 1. Narita to Manilla 2. Manilla to Cebu instead of getting one single ticket from Narita to cebu with a layover in Manilla. Please suggest

    • Vagabond Reply

      Hallo Mayank, As per your situation you do not need to buy two tickets. You are allowed to receive visa on arrival in both Cebu and Manilla airport so layover is not issue. Just make sure you have all docs. let me know how the things go on your side.

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