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Do you remember May 08, 2018, yes it’s birth date of our daughter “Kiara”. This post is about how to register baby birth in Tokyo Japan. Once you are discharged from the hospital the first thing you need to do is “Register baby birth” In city office (Your residing city). It is very similar to register yourself, once you move to the new city or you just landed in Japan. City office is the place to make your baby birth stay legal in Japan.

Grand maa at  Tokyu Plaza Omotesando
Grand maa at Tokyu Plaza Omotesando

Covered Topic for Register the baby birth in Japan

  • Register the baby birth in the city office
  • Child allowance sponsored by the city office
  • Child insurance from the city office
  • Submit the request (Application) for visiting city office nurse to your house.

Document for register baby birth

  • Maternity child handbook 母子手帳  Boshi techō
  • Original birth certificate from the hospital 出生証明書 Shusseishōmeisho
  • Father Residence card 父在留カード Otosan Zairyu Card
  • Mother Residence card 母在留カード Okasan Zairyu Card

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As per law you must have to register baby birth within 15 days after birth. Either of parents can go. They need the head for child allowance section only.

City office register baby birth procedure

Register Baby Birth
Register Baby Birth

In our current living city office, the attendant asked me about Kiara Katakana or Kanji name(Japanese writing), so I have given them the name written by the hospital. Second step person will ask you to choose a book for your child (Cartoon characters or some short stories in Japanese) from out of 3 as a gift, which you can choose as per picture(I did that because I can not read Japanese). Once preparation finished,  they will ask you final check of following points.

  • Child Name in English and Japanese
  • Father and mother name
  • Nationality

Now if you say yes, they are done too. For the people who need additional certificates like Birth registration receipt certificate 出生届受理証明書 (Shusshōtodoke juri shōmei-sho) for the visa you can pay 300 yen for each, otherwise, the registration process is free.

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The whole process took 30~60 mins including prepare docs for the visa in the morning. My recommendation is to go early and leave early. Just keep in mind that child registration window does not work on weekends.

Koganei City child allowance system

Your writer Vagabond
Your writer Vagabond

You always get the pregnancy welcome kit from the city office, the day you declare pregnancy in your city office. Inside pregnancy kit there will be a form for register the newborn child allowance. After your child registration process done you can go ahead and ask the same person about the counter number of filing the application for child allowance system 児童手当制度 (Jidō teate seido). You can fill up allowance form in front of the attendant as kanjis are a bit difficult. This allowance registration will only work if you first register your child in the city office and then ask for the allowance. You will receive allowance quarterly in a whole year. In case if you go on vacation outside Japan for more than a month you will not receive the allowance for that month. The best way to get the allowance is to receive in post bank account simple and easy. 

Allowance in Koganei city 10000~15000 yen (Koganei City Link** Condition are applied based on your yearly income.

Koganei City child upbringing allowance

Third and most important thing is to get the insurance card from city office which is known as medical expense subsidy 医療費助成 (Iryōhijosei). For this also, you need to file the application and after 1~3 week you will receive the insurance card at your home address. This card will always cover 20% of child medical expense, and remaining 80% medical expense will cover by normal health insurance card(which you received from the company). It means child doctor visit is absolutely free, despite the time you visit to doctor in Japan.

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Koganei City nurse visit for a newborn baby checkup

Traveller baby Hindi passport
Traveller baby Hindi passport

In Japan city office health department nurse will visit your home within a month after childbirth. You can book her appointment by filling application on the same counter where you fill the form for child allowance. She will come to the house and ask the various question about child and mother to make sure mother is good in physical and mental condition. She will weight your baby and update maternity child book. You will get a good idea of the area you are living like emergency evacuation points, vaccine centre, emergency hospitals etc. You can ask her anything about child and yourself too.

Please let me know if I left some point, or you want to know/want to add some additional points. I will update this post once receive information about day care centre registration.

Next inline post will be how to apply for the newborn baby visa in Tokyo Japan…



  1. Just brilliant! These tips are great! Although I’ll be traveling soon to this country in a couple months, I truly anticipate that’s your tips will be of benefit to me as I’m a pregnant woman. Thanks a lot.

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