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Did you receive postcard for renewing Japanese drivers license?
Renewing Japanese drivers license post card
Renewing Japanese drivers license postcard

Recently I had the opportunity for renewing Japanese drivers license (DL) in Fuchu, Tokyo. This full post will cover all about where to go for Renewing Japanese drivers license and how to do it with when should you go. The first step toward renewal is that you will receive the postcard as a notice in your  DL address. Postcard reached to your letterbox just before 1 month of your birthday. Once you received postcard just remember your license renewal date will expire just after one month of your birthdate.

Do you know why renewing Japanese drivers license is related to birthdate? No idea!! no problem even I do not have any idea about it. You can write the comment if you have any idea about it. Parking is the just left side of the entrance so do not waste time to find out parking. If you still do not have Japanese driving license, see if my previous post about license help you.

I did renewing Japanese drivers license at Fuchu driver’s license centre. If you didn’t receive postcard its ok, it will not bother your renewal process.

Japanese drivers license Fuchu parking
Japanese drivers license Fuchu parking
Welcome to Information queue for renewing Japanese drivers license 

Once you entered in the driving centre just ask the attendant at the gate who will guide you to the line for renewing Japanese drivers license. Meanwhile look for the information counter. This is the line where you will make the queue for getting renewal form. The line is too long so beware not to queue in the wrong line.

1- Fill the form and pay the renewal fee

Fill your renewal application form and proceed to counter 1. If you do not understand Japanese like me, just go to counter 9. You can ask translated form in English and fill, with the help of that one. Once you are done with the application form, you can move back to counter 1 for paying the fee. Payment is done, you will receive the receipt for payment and just keep that one for personal use. They will cross check your address in `Residence card` with your old Japanese driver’s license.

Prepare document in advance (Residence card, Fee and Driver license). Fill application while waiting in queue to save your time.

2- Go through eye testing with Landolt C

After paying the fee at counter one, now this is the time to check eye test. People at counter 2 are waiting for the eye test. You need only application form here. The instructor will ask you about a circle where is cut like up, down, left, and right. If you are using contact lense tell them in advance. of  It’s a simple test—look at the little circle and tell the tester if the opening is up, left, right, down. Just avoid wearing contact lense on the examination day. Check Japanese eye test system with this link.

Keep a caary bag with you to put all paper in it, different counter use different paper.

Late morning queue for Japanese drivers license
Late morning queue for Japanese drivers license
Early morning queue in Japanese drivers license Fuchu
Early morning queue for Japanese drivers license
3- Register your license with the secret pin

If you are ok with eyesight, you can register and print secret 4 digit pin for the new driving license. Put the license in the reader however you can take help of guide if you do not understand. The atm kind machine will print a receipt with your secret pin. Now move to counter 3 where you will present application form, they will put a round hole in your old license card to make sure it’s null and void. Again they will check your address and other stuff and put the stamp on it. Now you do not need your postcard at all.

Warning Don’t use FriXion or any kind erasable gel pen while filling application.

4- Photo session for new driver’s license

This is the time to make you smart enough to get a nice picture. Counter 4 is for clicking your picture. In this counter, they will print your name, country and address on the application form and give you the small portion of it. These details will use as it is in new license so read this one carefully.

Remove your cap and put all lugage next to camera. Camera will give you a nice image enough so more other things to do.

Flow chart in Japanese drivers license Fuchu
Flowchart in Japanese drivers license Fuchu
Time table in Japanese drivers license Fuchu
Timetable in Japanese drivers license Fuchu
5- Take 30 mins class about road safety

Now you are proceeding to second last formality toward Renewing Japanese drivers license. Next, to counter 4, you will get classroom ticket which depends on your old license(30 mins ~ 2 hrs). Mine was 30 mins class. In class, they will briefly explain about rules of the road. The teacher will represent data about road accident and give few statistics. In the end, you will watch 5-8 mins movie related to accident and caution need to take care. After 30 mins you will get stamped on your form to make sure that you attended the lecture.

Final receipt and lecture material
Final receipt and lecture material
6- Collect your new license

Now you have completed all process related to Renewing Japanese drivers. The second floor is waiting for your license printing done. Outside the door, they will display the serial number of the application form which is ready to handover. Once your series is on the board you can go inside the hall. In the hall, one instructor is calling your number, just go in the front window and grab it. The whole process takes 1 ~ 1.5 hours. I received the license from the blue line to gold one. どもお疲れ様でした(Good Job) and have safe drive for next 5 years 🙂

After renewing Japanese drivers license
After renewing Japanese drivers license
Before renewing Japanese drivers license
Before renewing Japanese drivers license







Tips Instead of going early in the morning, my recommendation is to go just around 9:20~10:00. Its too much
 crowded in the morning. Keep eye on the line which is moving fast to the lineup in the same one.The process
 is very fast and smooth, this is the way I love  Japan public services from city office to licence centre. The
 whole operation is in Japanese but it doesn't mean that you can now get the renewed license.People are there
 to help you and get things done, which I do sometimes.
On the way back from Japanese drivers license Fuchu
On the way back from Japanese drivers license Fuchu


  1. Sounds like they are a bit more organised than the Dept of Land Transport here in Bangkok !

    • Kuki Reply

      Yes they are really organized and finish the process within 1 hour everything if you are early enough in the morning 🙂

  2. I don’t drive and I’m not in Japan, but I found this weirdly interesting 🙂 but now I know what to do, just incase 😁

    • Kuki Reply

      @linninbetween Japanese follow each step strictly and give you a chance of improvement .. definitely worth to try if you love to live here more than a year 🙂

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