For 24 hrs transit in Beijing, I wonder from where I have to start. if you are travelling via China and layover is more than 9 Hrs in Beijing, then go and take transit visa. Both cities are beautiful and hard to cover in a day. It’s manageable to see one or two sights scening place with charms of China. I have a kind of experience to visit Beijing on a transit visa which I want to share with you. The first thing you need to go out is visa under transit category. When you reach to china ask for the visa under 24 hrs exit. They will ask you next flight’s boarding pass to clear that you have onward flight.. Now board inter airport train to Terminal number 3. You can easily notice Airport express metro train station. It will cost you 25 yen to reach the city. I tried two times exit visa,  First time  I went Tiananmen Square…

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