day trip manila


Transport to reach Makati first point of day trip manila Once you reach Manila international airport the time has come to look for the taxi. There is no other mode of transport to reach city. Outside airport on the left side you can see big queue of people waiting for taxi. There is one special row if you are traveling with kids or senior citizens. We were living in Makati Manila and to reach there you can take taxi called the prepaid taxi or yellow taxi. up to Makati. It will cost you around 400 Peso. Seems like day trip manila always start from Makati. Makati City After reaching city you can see two side on Manilla which I feel during our 4 days stay, the one is very pause and other is underdevelopment.The first day we have been near by #Guadalupe station. It was #Airbnb space and we were staying on 16th…

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