It has been a long period of around 6 months of 2018 where, if I can say we did not write any new post. It was the preparation and personal time, we created for welcoming our first Baby birth in Tokyo Japan to join our travel world. We were searching name for her. We were preparing necessary documents for her. We were even doing our own research on ultrasound video clips of her.

Are you planning to visit stroll along Portuguese architecture Macau for 2~3 days? Are you interested to know some transport hacks around Macau?If all answers are yes then you are in right place. The first thing as like other countries you need a travel visa for Macau do not think Macau is in China having Chinese rules, it’s part of mainland China but having own rules and regulations.You can get on arrival visa for 15 days at the airport of the ferry terminal.  Also read, How to get the visa for Macau? Once, you leave the airport you will see all big buildings all like big palace one may easily think these are shopping malls but how it is possible to have numerous malls at one place with this much huge area? Now you know this is casino city.Macau is well known as Vegas of Asia and yes it means…

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