international border korea


Today I will take you to DMZ tour korea (Demilitarized Zone). In India there is Wagah Border, in US Mexico border  and in Korea there is DMZ. It seems like this still considered to be active military region that are still on war. When I was in Korea I was super excited to visit DMZ. Here I want to tell you that, you can not visit DMZ without official tour company.We had short one day trip to DMZ and choose allseoultours for this excursion. There was three ty the es of tour for DMZ. DMZ tour. Joint security area tour(JSA). Combining both tour. Start from Seoul to DMZ Korea 08:00 We took DMZ tour Korea, morning half day tour and the tour started from Seoul Myeongdong where we were staying.Firstly, the tour company will pick up all the people and will board all of them to the common bus.In bus,…

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