Dog fight? Yes you heard right Tosa dog fight Have you heard about Tosa dog fight, I think most of us had heard about bullfight and cockfight but yes Katsurahama shikoku Japan is the place which organizes dog fights events, few times in a month.Don’t you think it’s just an event it’s “THE EVENT”?There is the special breed of the dog called “Tosa”. Tosa dog came from the breeding of Kochi prefecture local dog and bulldog and nowadays it’s a cultural icon. The dog which I saw at the time of fight was 50~70 Kg, yes big and brave. The fight is arranged by Tosa token centre inside the park and by the way Tosa is the old name of Kochi Prefecture. Transport to the venue If you are thinking to have one day trip to Katsurahama park it’s worth. Katsurahama Park is a bit far from the city centre.…

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