Korea embassy Tokyo


People living in Japan can apply tourist visa for South Korea from Korean consulate Azabu-Jūban Tokyo. Office hours for visa form submission is 9:30~12:00 and collecting passport is 14:00 ~16:00. If your registration card address does not fall in Tokyo area then go to related area office e.g If you are living in Yokohama then go to Yokohama consultant office as Tokyo office does not accept applications from the people living in other than Tokyo. Document requirements for South Korea Tourist Visa for Indian Residence card (Must have minimum 3 months working visa ) Passport with 6 months validity Latest clicked 1 photo with white background You can fill your application in the visa office (Pages were around 3~5) with your personal details as well as professional details. My suggestion is better to fill all the forms at home and then submit to the visa counter, it will save plenty of time. For the application form, here is the download South Korea…

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