Long-Term Stay Visa Japan


Today, I want to share information regarding how to leave Japan temporarily during visa extension processing state (申請中). My visa expired during the golden week (1 May 2016)  and I was on the preplanned program to visit JEJU South Korea. It was a very confusing situation. I am going to explain how I succeed to travel on expired Japanese work permit. You just need to explain people in embassy about the rule for the applicant under “visa extension in processing” Knowledge sharing on an expired working visa with a friend Firstly I was scared to leave the country at this point due to lack of information. Secondly, I was not having any way to get this knowledge. Fortunately, I was having a meeting with my colleague Jarkko Polvi(Finland passport holder). He has undergone the same situation as me. He told me that you can leave Japan while your visa extension…

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