Beppu jigoku meguri (Roughly called hells of Beppu) of Beppu are centre attraction point in Oita and attracts domestic as well as international visitors, all year around. These are basically hot-springs for viewing rather than bathing in it. You can find much natural hot springs(Onsen) in the city. Basically, 6 hells are located in the same place known as Kannawa district . However remaining 2 are in Shibaseki district. Both place are 20 minutes away(2 Miles in distance) from each other. I have been there from Matsuyama and entered in the city through ferry on Oita port. As compared to Matsuyama or Tokyo city is not having enough local train network to move around the city. Therefore we preferred to take the rental car and did one trip around the city. Transport Note: Local train network is not strong but public buses are quite good and frequent. If you do…

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