When things come to write something about Matsuyama Ehime I just say it’s a city of baseball(野球) , Hot spring (温泉)and a lot of more, last but not least wonderful weather with the presence of Mount Ishizuchi. Now it’s a time to write something about Matsuyama. Matsuyama (松山) is the biggest city in Ehime Prefecture. The city famous for onsen and mikan (local orange). Nearby cities are Imabari, Iyoshi, Uwazima, Nihama and Yawatahama. Point of Interest in Matsuyama Dogo Hot spring (道後温泉) This is one of the oldest hot springs in Japan. The pure waters of the hot springs in the area range in temperature from 107 F (42 C) to 124 F (51C), and are said to be able to heal different ailments.do not miss footbath(足湯) café in Dogo area as well as the clock tower. For more information please visit http://www.dogo.or.jp/. Matsuyama Castel (松山城) This castle built on the…

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