Boracay water adventure activities We had our first diving in Boracay Philippines. It was like adrenaline rush in all your body in just one moment and In reality, I was going to discover a whole new world altogether.First research diving school, best diving provider on the island that’s very important. Through #tripadvisor, we found wonderful comments for “WaterColors Boracay Dive Resort” and that was the place we chose for diving. It was “Discover scuba diving” course which literally means that you never had diving experience and this is the first time to experience under water. scuba diving schedule Our schedule was like this, first, we were shown a video for 1 hours regarding underwater precaution and sign language, then we did some paperwork followed by diving instrument practice in water ( Not deep water but just up-to your shoulder ) with instructors. Once instructor found that you are adjusted with…

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