Story of Picfare Uganda begin here I still remember the day was April 4, 2008, when I decided to switch the job. I started to give interviews. Fortunately, I was selected in Picfare industries Ltd Uganda. Truly I was not even known where Uganda located on Africa’s map. Now it was the R&D time about Africa. I searched a lot and was very comfortable with maximum and minimum temperature and greenery in Uganda. When I was searching for the company I got stuck on Aneesh’s  blog where he beautifully describes each and everything. Interview and research about picfare My interviewer Mr CK asked me to join within 20 days and give my decision as soon as possible. Initially, everybody told me not to go, Africa, as it is not good for growth and safety but the same time I am thankful to my friends Alok Nautiyal, Shailendra Rathore and Vinod…

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