If you are planning to visit Taiwan, you need Taiwan tourist visa. Yes If you are Indian passport holder and living in Japan you need the visa and can get it done online. You can apply for ROC  to receive Travel Authorization Certificate before landing at Taiwan airport. After receiving a certificate do not forget to take its printout.

Document requirements for Travel Authorization Certificate
  • Applicants living in Japan with valid residence status. You are also eligible if you are holding entry visa sticker for Japan in your passport. The filling application requires entry visa number.
Why Sun moon lake (SML)

Sun Moon Lake is must visit place in Taichung. Why Taichung? This might be the question many people ask when they travel to south-east Asia. where there are many countries with the rich culture like Japan, endangered pandas in China and sea paradise Thailand, and here is my one and only answer that, from the past few years I realized, I am the big fan of nature travel while taking rest from hustle and bustle from the city life. Taiwan has two nature reserve places one is Taroko National Park and other is Sun moon lake. We didn’t have time to visit both as both are in opposite direction and needed at least 1-week itinerary to visit each. We embarked SML from Tokyo.

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