The Venetian Macao


Macau casino world, whenever we take the name Macau the picture which comes in front of our eyes is Casinos,. Additionally shopping centre, big buildings, lavish lifestyle and for sure that’s true. Today I am going to share my experiences in Macau. See the world of Macau from my eyes.Here you go 🙂 Transport Each casino is accessible by limousine bus, which is free from the major public centre like the airport, border gate and ferry terminal. All big casinos buses have good frequencies 2~3 buses / 30 minutes. Points to remember Minimum age to enter in casino area is 18. If your appearance does not looks like an adult then better to keep passport with you. In other word prove all the time your age to security guard around the entrance of casino area. What to expect Like other casinos in the world, Macao also has all kind of…

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